Monday, 25 May 2015

Are the Police really bastards?

In the 1960's and 1970's being a Police Officer was an honorable vocation heavy with the burden of responsibility. Responsibility of keeping the peace and the Rakyat safe and secure. The uniform was worn with pride and was also looked upon by the Rakyat as being a symbol of authority and the "go to person" when there is trouble of any kind. The calming effect of seeing a Policeman in times of unrest and troubles was certainly one that the Rakyat appreciated and was grateful for. Their presence was enough to bring order and calm to any untoward situation.

Today, to many Malaysian, the IGP is seen as a clown tweeting himself into the realms of the Pak Pandirs and Bujang Lapok genre but without the accompanying affection that we look upon these "clowns" who bring laughter and joy into our lives. What this IGP brings into our lives is a wonderment tinged with disgust that someone of his stature is unable to understand when what he does as the head of PDRM descends into comedy and farce. He will forever be seen as that tweet of an IGP!

I sometimes wonder how is it that PDRM has become what it is today - the object of deserved contempt and disgust from the Rakyat. The Rakyat who have too often seen and been the victim of  police corruption, The Rakyat that have seen police brutality and police disregard of their rights and need for safety and security in their lives.  

Do not get me wrong.

There are still good people in the Police Force who worry about the state of our nation and are concerned about the safety and security of the ordinary people. They understand that their bosses now have no choice but to play politics of the Umno kind if they want to get ahead in the force. They know that some of them pander to the wishes of their political masters not only to get ahead in the Force but also for financial gain. Politics and the underworld all have potential for those who wants to make a profitable living while in the Police Force. "Cari Makan" they tell me with a shrug of their shoulders. Politics wins over the underworld because there is money and promotions for the taking if you are prepared to be the running dog of your political masters.  

The power entrusted to those in the Police Force is enormous. They are armed and if they are want to, can be dangerous capable of inflicting great harm, even death on those whom they perceived to be deserving of their wrath. We are mindful of this for they have inflicted unwarranted physical harm and mental anguish on many, many of our people. The rule of law today is no longer ours to determine. It is determined by those who are entrusted with the duty and responsibility of carrying it out and more often than not it is abused and used for political expedience of the worse kind - that of suppressing dissent against the BN government.    

But if you surf the net and look at some of the videos posted on YouTube, you will see that  many Malaysians are no longer afraid of PDRM. The following video in indicative of how Malaysians are now reacting to PDRM.  In this video it is one man against a number of Policemen and yet he is not afraid, not intimidated and certainly not worried about what the police would do to him.

Yes there is the threat of physical harm when the Police gets you on their own terms but what you see that guy do in the face of so many Policemen is heartening. He stands up for his right. He faces the Police squarely and asks what they are doing to him.There are cameras capturing every moment of that confrontation...and this is what the Police are mindful of now days.  

Today there are many who will stand face to face with Police officers who comes to arrest them.

Today there are many who will confront Ministers and even the Prime Minister and say to them in their face what they think of them.

Today there are too many Malaysian who are no longer cowered by physical threat from PDRM.  They no longer fear arrests. They no longer fear the midnight knock on their door by Special Branch officers. They know that the minute they are arrested the world will know and they know that even within PDRM there are many sympathetic to their plight.

For by now the public have had enough of the bullying tactics that PDRM have time and time again wreck upon those whom they are able to overpower by sheer numbers. The following video is a good example of what a herd of cowardly policemen will do to one of our own when they are in numbers.

PDRM thinks that might is right. But only when they are in numbers large enough to ensure their own safety.

Watch the video below  and you will see how cowardly they are when faced with just one irate Indian who is venting his anger upon the police. We know that if that Indian was in a police cell he would have most probably be brutally beaten but the Police will not do anything if they are going to get hurt in the process. 

Three policemen against one are still not good enough odds...maybe ten against one Indian would be good odds for these police bastards!

I have always wondered how much Malaysian would endure before they retaliate against any authorities that inflicts physical harm on their bodies? 

They have already retaliated against politicians who they think do not deserve  to hold office. This you can already see with the loss by Umno of their popular mandate to govern in the last general election.

When do we start to retaliate against the Police for being bullies? When do we start retaliating against the police for being so corrupt and causing so many of us great financial hardship by demanding bribes?

I think now is a good time as any.

The flood of comments posted on the Net belittling and making fun of the Tweet of an IGP is heartening! Even he must not fail to see the thousand of adverse comments made against his him - and yet he continues to make an idiot of himself.

Let every mobile phone user be our eyes to expose police corruption, police brutality and any abuse of PDRM's powers upon any Rakyat but let us also highlight the good that many in PDRM also do. Let us remind ourselves that there are more good cops than bad cops in PDRM but as always it is always the bad ones that gives the good cops a bad name.

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