Saturday, 9 May 2015

Lagi pasal Tabung Haji : azam 64A

Dear Bro Ali K
Excuse me for asking the following which are not directly connected to the topic, but are related nevertheless and I am sure will be of interest to members. 

1. The purchase of the land by TH may be a good business decision, after development good profits may be made. But why give the land to 1MDB at RM60 - 74/sq foot. Why not let TH buy at this price in the first place. 1MDB made huge profits, where is the money now? Has the money in any way benefited bumiputras. This govt land was initially meant for them.

2. The money cannot just disappear into thin air, it has to be somewhere. Most likely overseas, in cash and also used to buy property. Jho Lo is much involved in the management of the money overseas. If I am not wrong, it is within the power of Malaysia to request Interpol to freeze his bank accounts because of questionable dealings and Malaysia is in the process of investigating.

3. This had not been done. What are the possible reasons? The longer the money can be move around the more likely the money will be lost to Malaysia.

Others in the know here, pl help to explain the above.  

azam 64A

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