Monday, 18 May 2015

Is it not time we be in charge of our nation?

Berita Daily

18/05/2015 09:54 AM
Is it not time we be in charge of our nation?
Anything said and done by anyone in public office is now minutely scrutinised and broken down into bits and pieces.
Hussein Hamid

The leaders we have today in government and in opposition know that increasingly they are being judged by what they do in public office.

The remnants of the past where unbridled political power had breed arrogance and a haughty disregard for the welfare and wellbeing of the very people upon whom their political power originates are over.

Yes, you can still get away with the abuse and misuse of political office but you will be pulled up and be made to explain what it is that you have done and why.

Your spouse and family can still get away with pushing their weight around and take unfair advantage of their ties with you but they do so knowing full well that what they do will somehow be within the public domain for all to see.

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