Monday, 25 May 2015

cakap cakap... Syiok sendiri aja!

Hi has not been a good week for me....blogging wise lah....not life wise! Life is still good but blogging wise I got that once in a blue moon dreaded "mental block". I simply did not have the mood to write and when that happens I know better than to fight it....thank God that changed over the weekend. Back to speed as of Sunday!

Winter is upon us in Melbourne - and Winter in Melbourne is wet, windy and cold but no complains from me because its all good when you are dressed for the weather. Even the rain is a welcomed bother when it comes because it gives a sense of calm and freshness all around me. 

I am now writing for Berita Daily.  At 67 years of age I am loath to put myself to any writing datelines and it took some thinking for me to do this but a friend there asked that I do so and knowing his work ethics, I had no hesitation in doing so. It still gives me a "kick" to see my articles published there. Syiok sendidri aja!

For a few months I was with Nuffnang and has adverts plastered all over my blog. I worked hard at increasing my reader base and managed to more than double the clicks that I normally have but after a few months all that translated into was about RM$10 income a week. I just did not see the point of having adverts all over my blog for that amount of money I cancelled out of Nuffnang. Has anybody else earned more from them?

 I have stopped viewing those beheading and execution videos that is all over You Tube. I do not think I can stomach anymore of those kind of insane brutality - what one human being can do to another human being is beyond belief. And I am getting sick of the constant Muslim/Islamic bashing that is also all over the Internet! Can you get it into your head that people are different from you? I have never tasted Avocado and I hate Chilies. Does that make me an evil person to someone who likes Avocado and loves Chilies? If you have something against Muslims, Christians or Buddhists then just leave them alone. Do not go looking for things to say or do against them. Just accept that there are people who are different from you, have views that are different from you and do things that are different from you. And leave them alone....unless they intrude into your personal space.

Now politicians are a different kettle of fish. They intrude into my personal space all the time - especially those in Malaysia. They are ruining my country, bashing my people and making a mockery of all the morality and ethics that they have promised to uphold and practice. So must hantam them lah!

Almost noon on a Monday and I have to think about lunch and plan for dinner. No washing to do this morning because I did all that I had to do on Sunday. Another week to live out and another day to go through with those that I love close by. May the coming week be as good for you all as I will make mine to be as good as I want it to be for me. Peace.     

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