Saturday, 9 May 2015

Azeez "the Tamil" Rahim wet his pants!

Dah has started....the tipping point has been reached.

Simply said the tide has turned against Najib Razak. 

Anybody with half a brain can figure out for himself that Najib is going down and nothing can save him from the jaws of defeat....but Umno leaders being who they are (the Malay word is "bangang"), takes a bit longer than most of us to come to the same conclusion!

Two of Umno's own have had enough of Najib death defying balancing act!

Far away in Milan and untethered by any consideration for the fate of Najib, Muhyiddin tells us "I don't even know what to say. The Rakyat wants to know, not just Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad". The situation, he says, is toxic and might have a huge adverse impact not just on the people, but Umno as well. Toxic is code for "sure die one!".

While in Singapore Khairy, Minister and Ketua Pemuda, said: "...people have been fed a lot of allegations in great detail, so we really have to ensure that each and every allegation is answered in a comprehensive way"...anyone found to have embezzled money or committed criminal breach of trust would be prosecuted...this also is code for "sure die one lah".

Tun Mahathir senses blood and has positioned himself to go in for the kill and insisted that  Tabung Haji funds shouldn't be used to 'bailout' 1MDB. "This plan needs to be cancelled immediately," he said.

Siapa lagi?

The Muslim Youth Movement (Abim) has linked Tabung Haji board's decision to bail out 1MDB to the National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd (NFCorp) RM250 million cattle farming scandal....and you know what happened to Sharizat and her family!

And that "almost-a-Malay-but-still-95%Tamil" Azeeeeeez guy, Chairman of Tabung Haji, lost his nerve and wet his pants.


How long has Najib got?

I say that his "used by" date expired the day Altantuya died!  

So he is living on borrowed time!

My last words on this for now? Aku steady aja...sabar menanti....good cue here to go and listen to Broery...have a good weekend.

...and when I listen to Broery...especially this song....all that is good in this world comes into my inner self....all the love I have for my wife, my children and my grandchildren for my late all comes together and makes me sad and happy. Sad that my parents are no longer with me but happy at the memories that they have left me and very very happy with all that I have with me now.I wish the same for you too. Amen.  

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