Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bangga aku jadi anak jati Selangor....I say that Tuanku will say no to Azizah!

For weeks we have been talking about the excruciating kemelut (frankly I do not know what this "kemelut" means but it sounds so right to describe this vulgar stand off in Selangor!) of an MB who does not want to go and the MB designate waiting for her time to be MB. Everyone in Selangor will have their own take of the situation but when it really really really would be the Sultan who will have the "final" say. The word "final" in the context of deciding who shall be the next MB of Selangor is fraught with many connotations. 


 associated or secondary meaning of a word or expression in addition to its explicit or primary meaning: 

  1. the suggesting of additional meanings by a word or expression,apart from its literal meaning; the act of connoting.
something suggested or implied by a word or thing, rather than beingexplicitly named or described:

"Final" here means what the Sultan will say to Pakatan Rakyat when Pakatan Rakyat "sebulat suara" proposes Wan Azizah as MB of Selangor.

But how the Sultan comes to that "final" decisions is a process that will include advice, discussions and instructions from sources within Selangor, possibly from his brother Rulers and of course from UMNO - whose advise must be acted upon.  

Now PAS in all its wisdom has suggested two names - Azizah and Azmin because they know Azizah is not acceptable to the powers that be because she is Anwar's choice. 

Anwar...(and let us be clear on this)...Anwar not PKR or PR has decided that it will only be Azizah. 

Azmin, for now, will do as Anwar instructs.

I say that Sultan Idris will say "NO" to Azizah. 

He will say "NO" to Azizah because he knows that Azizah is not the best option for Selangor for it gives Anwar a choke hold over all things Selangor...and Tuanku does not want to give Anwar a choke hold over Selangor. Anyone can see what Anwar has done with it into the ground and now PKR has started to dig its way deeper into the ground.

In just a matter of years after PKR's won a stunning victory in the 12th general election and took the Alpha position within Pakatan Rakyat, PKR has now become the weakest link within PR. Anwar has made PKR into what MIC is to Barisan Nasional and Anwar himself has become to  PKR what Samy Velu was to MIC for a very long time. 

After the Sultan of Selangor has given PKR and PR time to work out a solution that would be best for Selangor ....what has Anwar come up with? 

He tells the is either my way or the highway for the Sultan!

Not a very smart way to do business with the Sultan especially when the Palace can count on the backing of Umno. 

When the Sultan says "NO" to Azizah...what will Anwar do? 

Go on a road show and appeal to the people of Selangor to support his choice and by doing this he will be asking the people of Selangor to "menderhaka" towards their own Sultan? Not bloody likely!

Will Anwar take the matter to the courts and invoke what ever legalities he can invoke to damm the errors of the Sultan in making a decision not to accept his wife as MB? And what happens to Selangor while all this is going through the courts? Khalid remains as MB? Huh!

Anwar here is a short lesson on political power. 

Mahathir was able make Ops Lallang happen and he was able to put the Sultans in their place because he had the political will, the political power and the political guile to make it happen. All Anwar has against the Sultan of Selangor is guile....and that against a Sultan backed by UMNO is a no brainer.

Azizah will not be MB!

And it has nothing with her gender or her ability or inability to take on the responsibility as MB of Selangor. The Sultan of Selangor is no Male Chauvanist Pig. Not withstanding the hold that Umno may or may not have on him, Tuanku will not want his State to go the way PKR has gone since the 12th general election. 

When all is said and done, I was born in Segambut and I am Anak Jati Selangor.....where was Azizah born? 

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