Monday, 25 August 2014

cakap cakap.....Laura Bushney, Mohd Rosli, raba raba.... and Malaysian Airlines MH20

Attacked at 40,000 Feet
Malaysia Airlines flight MH20 to Paris. It’s three hours into the overnight flight – the lights are switched off and the cabin is in darkness. A 26-year-old Australian woman is all alone on the back row of the plane. Laura is very nervous about flying with the airline that has recently made headlines around the world, but is reassured by the chief steward who says he will check in on her later. What happens when he returns shortly afterwards is difficult at first to comprehend, but when you hear Laura describe it, you get a sense of the absolute terror she felt as the man sat down beside her, blocking her in. The incredible twist to this story is that while Laura was frozen in panic as the steward placed his hands under the blanket and onto on her stomach, she had the presence of mind to hit record on the mobile phone under her pillow. As the man sexually assaults her he doesn’t know his dreadful crime is being captured by his victim. Afterwards, once the steward has walked away, Laura raises the alarm to another passenger and the Captain is called. When the steward is summoned, Laura films again as she confronts him in front of passengers and crew over what he did to her. It is remarkable vision. Upon landing in Paris, the steward – who is married with three daughters – was detained by police and two weeks later is still behind bars after making admissions. Brave Laura is speaking out for the first time about what happened to her on flight MH20 because she feels let down by the actions of the airline.

steadyaku47 comment: 

I watched the Sunday NIght "exclusive" about the above incident on MH20 last night. At this moment these are still allegations by Laura Bushney against Mohd Rosli Bin Abd Karim  - the Chief Steward on MH20 who is now under custody with the French Authorities.

Rule of thumb.......when there is a sexual assault in a public place where there are others just a few feet away from you and you are not being physically threatened with physical harm with a knife or a is my considered opinion that if you are more concerned with recording the whole "sexual assault" rather than to call out for help.....then I want to ask the victim what was she thinking about? Her safety, her honor or taping the whole sexual assault for financial gain? 

I am of the opinion that any reasonable, decent and right thinking female would be more concerned about yelling for help when a guy is putting his hands down her pants without her permission...instead of recording the whole sexual assault for what ever reason!

Having said that to clear the air, (from what I see of the confrontation between Laura and Mohd Rosli that was also recorded), there is no denial by Mohd Rosli that something inappropriate did happened between him and Laura. 

I am sure there will be more to be unravelled once this goes to court. 

Suffice for now for me to opined that MAS will have a lot of adverse publicity to deal with if or when this goes to Court in France. 

Given the fact that Laura Bushney was prepared to talk (maybe for money maybe not....I am not sure) about this sexual assault to Sunday Night (A current affair TV program of Channel 7 in Australia) maybe...just maybe....MAS should do a Khalid Ibrahim/Nurrul Izzah/ Rafizi act....out of court settlement! 

Camna MAS? Saya fikir ini perempuan boleh kautim punya orang.  

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