Wednesday, 6 August 2014

cakap cakap...a lifetime has almost passed between us.

I am 67 this year. That is a lot of living by any criteria.I have done a lot of things in my life... not all of them good. I know most of you would rather hear of the bad things that I have done rather than the good things but right at this very moment I am not in a "show and tell" tough titties to those who are waiting to hear what I have done in my life that I have lived to regret. 

The one good thing I know I have done for myself was to marry my wife. Marry her when I was 21, with no money, no education and without too much sense in my head. You see if someone had sat down with me then and told me what was the sensible and responsible thing to do when you are 21 without enough education to even hold down any decent job I would have probably agreed that marrying a Greek Girl at 21 was not the best thing for me to do then. Thank God nobody talked to me!

My wife splendidly rugged up for a Winter evening! 
Now a lifetime has almost passed  between us...I say almost because we are both still here in the present. A bit torn and tattered for wear and tear but standing up to the rigors of life with a stoic determination and belief that this is the best times of our life....and why should it not be? Nothing comes between our life together now. Nothing! 

Take now.....its almost 11 a.m on a cold Wednesday morning. I have been awake since 6 and have spent my time doing what I normally do - getting the house organized, taking what sustenance my body dictates and getting myself acquainted with what else is happening in the world outside my apartment. They are still killing people in Gaza though it seems that a ceasefire is holding...but only just. An earthquake in Yunan province in China has so far killed 400 and in Malaysia nothing eclipses the Selangor MB episode....and all this and many more I can learn more off or flick them away with a click of my mouse! And believe you me that I frequently chose to click them away rather than immerse myself into the troubles of the world. 

I have decided to let my wife sleep in this morning. She was a bit tired last night and I have found it increasingly more difficult to motivate her to go for walks with me. I have begun to think of how many more years we might still have together. Who will leave first? And how will the other go on living without the other? These are not pleasant thoughts to think about but immortality are not stuff we can dream about. When my thoughts wander there it makes me more determined to make our times together more enjoyable....and nothing is more enjoyable them smiling at each other! We do not need to talk...just reach out and let our fingers touch and we give each other a smile....and we are both happy. No need to go for a holiday in Fiji or Bali...there is not need to dress up for a night out on the town or to visit the theatre...just sitting close to each other on the couch is is good.

Me in the morning when I do not look like Brad Pitt.

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