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Yes...they do things a bit different in Australia.

Vic boy, 10, challenges PM's stand on gay marriage in letter

Vic boy, 10, challenges PM s stand on gay marriage in letter
Vic boy, 10, challenges PM's stand on gay marriage in letter

A young Victorian boy has penned a passionate letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott demanding to know why his mothers are not allowed to marry.
Inspired by his gay parents, Jaden, of Berwick, wrote to Mr Abbott urging him to change his mind on same-sex marriage, and asking why his mums, Emily and Janaha, can't tie the knot like any other parents.
"I saw all these people having a good time who were married, so I wanted to write a letter to Tony Abbott so my parents could be like that as well," Jaden told 7News.
So, the ten-year-old sat down on Tuesday and wrote a letter in which he had plenty to say.
"I am writing to you because I want to ask if my parents can get married?" he wrote.
"It’s because my parents are lesbians and there’s nothing wrong with that."
Jaden then challenges Mr Abbott's stance on same-sex marriage - "I’m not sure why you won’t let them get married. But if they did married how would it hurt you?"
Jaden also points out that the PM's sister is openly gay and partnered, adding: 'Dude, your sister is a lesbian! And if you can accept that, I’m sure you can let gay and lesbians get married!"
"Those you don’t even see at all, and then your sister can get married as well, and as long as everyone’s happy, there’s no reason that they can’t get married right!"
Jaden then attempts to appeal to the leader's sensitive, human side.
"Thank you for listening and if you let my parents get married then my life and there life would be so much easyer (sic). Because people always listen to the prime minister of Australia!"
He then takes a different approach, urging Mr Abbott to reconsider his stand for future political gain: "So if this works maybe when I’m older I and all the other people would vote for you! You would be famous for it and be rich.
"No one told me to right (sic) this to you. I wanted to!"
Before signing off, Jaden imparts this strongly-held view: "I also get to choose whether being gay or a lesbian was right or wring (sic) and I chose right and no one will persuade me to change sides and I mean it."
  • Jaden's letter in full. Credit:
One of Jaden's mums, Emily Wood, said he had written the letter on his own accord, and she was incredibly proud of her son for raising an important issue.
The Prime Minister is in London at the moment, but his office has promised he will read the letter and reply when he returns.
Last month, an 11-year-old boy from NSW also wrote to Tony Abbott asking why gay people cannot get married.
The Prime Minister responded on that occasion saying, 'though we disagree on the issue, I respect the views you put forward'.
Jaden and his mums will continue their fight for same-sex marriage at a rally in Melbourne on Saturday.


Tony Abbott Responds To 11-Year Old's Letter On Marriage Equality

A letter from an 11-year old boy lamenting Tony Abbott's stance on gay marriage has gone viral.
tony abbott, australian prime minister.
You can always count on kids to bring the important issues to light, with an eleven-year old boy making headlines today after asking the Prime Minister why he's against gay marriage.
Orlando Burcham from Newcastle NSW, who is the son of Cessnock Councillor Cordelia Troy, wrote an open letter to Abbott this week demanding to know why he wouldn't change his mind on the issue.
"You were elected to represent our country, not yourself," said Burcham. "Just because you think it's wrong, does not give you the right to make it illegal. Doesn't our opinions matter to you?"
tony abott marriage equality letter
Burcham also pointed out that his own mother was gay, adding, "and even worse, your own sister is gay!"
In True Abbott fashion, the response letter was highly diplomatic but uncompromising: "The Government supports the current definition of marriage contained in the Marriage Act 1961. Any change to this policy would be a matter for the Coalition Party Room," Abbott (or perhaps more accurately, one of his staff) replied.
"My personal opinion is to support the existing definition of marriage. Though we disagree on this issue, I respect the views you have put forward."
tony abott marriage equality letter
It's not the first time the PM has been challenged on his views: in March, students from Newtown High School Of The Performing Arts asked why he was so against legalising gay marriage.
“Um,” Abbott began. “Well look, um. I... I... I'm not against people having a wonderful relationship. I'm all in favour of people having loving permanent relationships. But, it's a definitional thing."
We think Tony may want to reconsider his stance if the polls are anything to go by however, with 64% of people in support of gay marriage in Australia.
marie claire and a number of celebrities including Rachael Taylor joined forces in 2012 to support marriage equality, with Taylor stating at the time, "I want to see us progress to the next level so that all of our laws are the same for all of our citizens. This is a human rights issue - sexuality should not determine the right to marry."

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