Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Istana Bukit Segambut vs Istana Bukit Kayangan.

Titah dari Istana Bukit Segambut is to nominate Wan Azizah and Wan Azizah only. ...even though before the last general election it was Anwar's who had wanted Azmin to take Khalid's place as MB. Azizah never figured in the equation of who should be MB of Selangor then.

For now what is obvious to Azmin and those in PKR who had wanted that to happened is that Anwar was using Azmin to destabilize Khalid's position as MB with the end game of putting himself as MB. 

When that was not possible because of the threat of incarcerataion hanging over his head because of Sodomy Two...he nominates his wife, Azizah. 

That Azmin still remains faithful and obedient to Anwar only underscore the fact that in all this time, Azmin's concern has been and will always be PKR not himself. Azmin has been the glue that has held PKR together all this time. 

For me this is the final chapter being played out for Anwar and possibly PKR as Istana Bukit  Segambut goes full tilt against Istana Bukit Kayangan. 

I would suggest DAP stays out of the fray and just make like a tree....keep quiet and do nothing to worsen the situation by seemingly supporting Anwar in his bid to put his wife as MB. 

PAS understands the nuances that plays around politics and royalties....Malays against  Malay......and the need to save face in issues that are being played out in the public domain. 

I go back to what I wrote on the 7th of August The Heir Presumptive Patiently Waits

"For now bridges are being built, fortresses secured and loyalties reaffirmed within PKR and Pakatan Rakyat to ensure that when Azmin makes his move failure is not an option! Anwar be very afraid!"

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