Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Cakap cakap....Anwar, Azizah, Khalid, the Sultan and Selangor.

Any level headed sensible person knows that Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim days as Menteri Besar of Selangor are just about over. His tenure as MB is at the pleasure of the Sultan. What time Kahalid Ibrahim has left as Menteri Besar of Selangor will depend on Pakatan Rakyat doing the necessary to get the Sultan of Selangor to agree to any proposal that Pakatan Rakyat comes up with to resolve the present impasse in the government of the state that Idris is Sultan of!  
A few home truths before we go any further.

Wan Azizah, Anwar Ibrahim and Khalid Ibrahim are part of the problem and will not be part of the solution. None of them will be Menteri Besar of Selangor if the Sultan has anything to do with it. 

Sultan Idris has, by his actions, indicated that that would be his "druthers". Having Khalid Ibrahim continue as Menteri Besar is merely a stop gap measure by Tuanku to give time to Pakatan Rakyat to understand that he, not Pakatan Rakyat has the final say in the appointment of the Menteri Besar. Who or what Sultan Idris will allow to influence or color his decision in the appointment of the Menteri Besar is for him to know and for everyone else to find out.   

The Sultan has given PR time to come up with an alternative that will preclude all three - Khalid, Azizah and Anwar - and come up with a Menteri Besar that would be good for Selangor, good for the people of Selangor, good for PR and of course good for him in more ways than one.

So for Anwar, PKR and his "boys" they must now dispense with the "Kajang Move" mentality and put that kind of thinking in the vault and throw the keys away.

 Anwar and his "boys" might as well stop "hantaming" Khalid - nobody of any consequence cares or is listening least not the Sultan for sure.

And Anwar must stop this nonsense of getting ADUNs to sign worthless pieces of paper pledging their loyalty and consent for Azizah to be MB of Selangor. Those worthless piece of paper are of no consequence if the Sultan and the courts refuses to acknowledge their authenticity, legality or even their very existence. 

PAS, DAP and PKR will just have to sit down together and come up with a game plan that will allow the Sultan to say..."Ok lah". 

The Sultan will do so not because Umno tells him to do so...nor will he do so because the MB proposed by PR will do his bidding....nor will he do so because PR or Anwar is cutting a "win win"deal with him. PR simply does not have the money or the means to do such a deal with their own ADUNs what more the Sultan (remember the billions in reserves are still out of their grasp!).

The Sultan understand that his people did choose Pakatan Rakyat in the last election and Pakatan Rakyat has agreed that PKR will govern Selangor at their the Sultan is mindful of this.

The Sultan will agree that Selangor will continue under PR because his people have for now, choosen PR. The next election is another issue.  

So as a conduit for his Rakyat, the Sultan will agree that Selangor shall, for the moment, have a PKR government ...but he will make sure that he, not Anwar, not PKR or PR, will hold the initiative and the whip to get PKR to behave. 

So cease worrying that Umno will now form government in Selangor with Khalid and PAS on side because even PAS cannot agree amongst themselves where their loyalties lies - with Pakatan Rakyat, Khalid or it  will not happen. 

But do not think PAS to be a party of country bumpkins led by country bumpkins. PAS do not make decisions for short term gains. PAS political struggle has always been for Islam but not at the costs of racial or national polarity....nor has it been for the vested interests of individuals with their own political agendas. This is something that DAP or PKR may not be able to comprehend but many others can!  

The Sultan had given PR and PKR time to work out a credible solution to what has caused the impasse in Selangor and he is accepting of the reality that Khalid can no longer be part of the solution. Nor can Azizah or Anwar.  

While all this being feverishly worked out by PKR and PR's component parties, you can be rest assured that Tuanku is shaking his head in amazement at the idiocy and stupidity of Anwar, Azizah  and PKR in handling over to the Palace the initiative to once again call the shots when it comes to matters of state.

Ajaib tapi benar! 

As for Anwar Ibrahim....please lah brother do get some "real" grown ups to confer with on matters of state and serious affairs of PKR. Most of the people you now have around you are still wet behind their ears  or as the old folks will say.... "belum bersunat lagi"...change or be changed..and please brother don't just listen but also hear what is being said by those who have the interest of PKR and Selangor at heart. 

When all is said and done I believe that Pakatan Rakyat (not PKR!) will still rule over Selangor under the watchful gaze of a wise and now in control Sultan Idris ...and the people of Selangor will live happily ever least until the next general elections....and then all hell will break lose!

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