Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Chilis Grill and Bar 1 Utama.....steadylah.

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 25, 2014:
A video of a diner venting his anger on a famous chain restaurant for its “no outside food allowed” policy is slowly making the rounds in cyberspace.
In the 1 minute 17 second video, an unidentified man in a red shirt is seen addressing fellow patrons claiming that he and his family were asked to leave a Chili’s outlet in One Utama for bringing in outside food for his disabled father.
This, he said, was despite ordering several dishes, including appetisers from the outlet.
The man explained that the food which he brought from outside was based on a checklist of items that his father could consume.
“I told her that the outside food was only for my father sahajayang sakit dan di atas kerusi roda (who is sick and wheelchair bound).
Tapi dia cakap, I’m so sorry, but please leave the restaurant as we will not serve you because makan outside food,” the man was heard saying in the video, alluding to the manager of the outlet.
The customer went on to say he was very disappointed before pointing to the manager who was identified as a certain Ms Rozi.
The video, which was published yesterday, was uploaded by “AlvyChannel”.
The incident was alleged to have taken place yesterday.
Chili’s Malaysia area director Nicholas Ngai told The Rakyat Post that the matter had been resolved after calling the said customer and explaining their stand on the matter.
The restaurant, he said, prioritised food safety issues.
“The customer accepted our explanation.”
When asked why no leeway was given to the customer’s father as the man was sick, Ngai said exceptions could be made if a customer were to furnish a doctor’s letter as evidence.
Ngai, however, said the outlet was willing to accommodate the customer if the food he requested could be prepared by its kitchen.
The “no-outside-food” rule, however, would not apply to food for infants.

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