Gameplan – Get rid of Khalid

Posted on August 8, 2014

Moderator’s note :A week back, Sivaji ( not his real name ) contacted me.
It had been quite a while since we last spoke, and I knew that he had been quite involved  in PKR.
He asked if we could meet.
I told him that I was quite pressed for time given my Negara-Ku and ABU work, and asked if there was anything urgent.
He replied that he was quite exasperated with this whole Khalid fiasco and the goings-on in PKR for some time.
He started to pour out his heart, but I stopped him.
“What do you want me to do with whatever you are going to tell me?”, I asked.
If you believe what I am about to tell you, you can write about it and put it up on your blog.”,  he replied.
“I know you well enough to trust you. This is what I will do. You write up whatever you want to tell me in a way that will not require me to do too much editing. After I have read it, if I think people have a right to know what you have written to me, I will publish it on my blog.”, I told Sivaji.
I received Sivaji’s story in the mail today.
It bore the same title as this post, and it appears below, with the minimal of editing.
By Sivaji
Was there a  plan to remove Khalid long before the Kajang move?
Going by the revelations going around now it seems so.
But Khalid, it seems, was never in the loop of those plans.
So was he given (rather set up) to get the MBs position knowing he will get the job done and set the stage for the others to take over later?
From what has happened in the PKR elections, it seems that there was a plan to get him.
Sources have indicated that it was the top man in PKR who encouraged Khalid to contest Azmin.
Was this an attempt to show Malaysians that democracy is well and good in PKR?
We will never know.
When it dawned upon the leadership that Khalid was very much popular among the party members, Saifuddin was suddenly pushed into the race.
Most party members know this was an attempt to break Khalid’s votes.
It is very much a well known whisper amongst party members that the top man himself not only got Saifuddin to submit his nomination but phone calls were made to Division Heads to ensure votes were delivered for Saifuddin in the party elections.
Even with that Khalid has put up a good show against Azmin.
Without Saifuddin, Khalid would have won the Deputy President’s post by now.
And the Kajang move would have been buried.
Together with this was the conduct of the PKR election process.
After having much criticized the Election Commission, the PKR election Committee was no better.
There were insufficient election personnel in all the Divisions.
Ballot papers were insufficient in places where voter turnouts were larger than expected.
But more serious was the lack of independent observers, re-lections conducted without any valid reasons, voting locations in re-elections shifted to favour a particular candidate.
In Sungai Siput the incumbent Chairman and Committee were the counting agent. Ballot papers were marked by themselves. I saw this personally, gangsters from a particular camp were downstairs, so I could not do much.
In Pahang, Indian members were not encouraged to take part in the elections.
Many  Indians favour Khalid. Just the funds given to temples and Tamil schools were good enough for the Indians to have Khalid as the party deputy president.
In Sabah, where there was large voter turnout favoring Khalid, the elections were disrupted and called off.
More frightening was what took place in Selangor.
Where Indians won the Ketua Cabang, elections were called off or some reason was given to call for re-election of completed elections.
At one time the results showed that 12 of the 22 Ketua Cabang had been won by Indian members. Where the winning candidate was known to favour Saifuddin or Azmin, there was no re-election.
Kuala Selangor was another issue together. They had to shame Khalid. They did that eventually
In Sepang, the Ketua Cabang was won by an Indian member. Haji Borhan, a close ally of Azmin, lost. Re-elections were called and the voting centre shifted to a place far from the first centre. The Indian candidate lost and Haji Borhan won the re-election.
In Puchong, in the first round, Khalid got the highest votes (861 against 22 for Azmin and 20 for Saifuddin). Re-elections have been called this Sunday.
What will happen?
We will never be able to tell. There will be no voting agents seated in the hall to object, only observors. This is the SOP for re-elections in PKR.
In Kuala Selangor, the elections were held again on June 22nd and the ballot boxes taken to Party headquarters. The counting took place on the 26th at 9pm.
The SOP for counting is either the votes for Ketua Cabang or the Timbalan President would be counted first or second vice versa.
The counting here started for Timbalan President and Khalid got 517 votes as against 440 for Azmin.  Trends showed that if you win the Timbalan President votes, the Ketua Cabang aligned to the Timbalan President candidate will also win. Within 5 minutes there was a blackout. Later investigations showed there was a blackout indeed, but I still have my doubts from what I heard from the TNB.
The lights came on. The counting agents were told that the Ketua Cabang votes will be counted later.  Protests were made but no effect. The votes for Pusat Wanita were counted. Meanwhile the vote trays for Ketua Cabang was hidden from view. One slight move by persons blocking the view showed a counting clerk holding a pencil. No action taken.
Votes were counted for Ketua Cabang and Khalid lost to Mike. 515 against 701.
There 370 empty ballot papers for Timbalan President post but there was only 120 empty ballot papers for Ketua Cabang.  Those who did not know to vote for the Timbalan President suddenly knew how to vote for the Ketua Cabang.
Complaints were submitted but no action taken on this.
The complaints have since gone to the ROS
Is there an attempt to get Khalid out this way?
All this failing, the present move by the PKR leadership is very much questionable as to the real reasons.
Is there an attempt to keep Azmin safe so that when all settles down he would become the MB replacing Wan Azizah?
Azmin is very quiet.
Was this the game plan all along to go for the State coffers eventually?