Saturday, 23 August 2014

Cakap cakap....Religion.

If you read the papers, watch TV or surf the NET you cannot help but see the multitudes of stories and posting depicting the brutality of Muslims against other Muslims and Muslims against others.

We see executions of infidels and stoning of adulterers, attacks on mosques and in mosques....indiscriminate killings of children, women and the aged....all Muslims!  

Everyday we are bombarded by images of the callous and unspeakable punishment, mutilation, executions, murders and crimes perpetrated by Muslims upon the non-believers. 

It would seems that everywhere where crimes against humanity are being committed, they are being done for Islam, by those who practice Islam and for the advantage and the advancement of Islam. 

Leaders who rule their people unjustly are invariably Muslims and many government that governs without responsibility, transparency and accountability do so in the name of Islam and for the advancement of Islam and they say.

From time immemorial it has always been a constant battle and the sacred duty of Muslims to impose the Muslim will upon the non-believers.  

Why you would want to call those who are not Muslims non-believers is beyond my ability to comprehend. If they are not Muslims they must believe in something else.....even if that meant that they believe that there is no God. Believing that there is no God is believing in something is it not?  Everyone believes in why call them non-believers? 

Back to the matter of all those beheading, executions and murders by those Muslims who do so in the name of Islam. 

Do you really believe that Islam allows for these acts to be perpetrated in its name? 

Do you really really believe that Islam condones these beheadings, executions and murders...for whatever reason? 

If you do then you are a bigger idiot that those Muslims doing all those killings! 

From time immemorial we have had people killing each other in the name of religion. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, any religion you like and somewhere in its history or its present, there will be killings in the name of that religion. 

Do not fault religion. 

Violence and murder do not go with any religion nor can it be the justification for it.  There is good in any religion if you seek it. There is also evil in all religion if you seek it....just be careful what you seek.  

The excesses that you now see being perpetrated by Muslims today are the results of people who are not given any other opportunity in life but to turn to religion to make their life better. Religion is their rallying cry to band themselves together to seek something better for themselves and their families and others they feel kin to. The lack of education does not not for the few but education for all......and most worrying of all....the lack of hope. 

Many of you will know what solace, comfort and hope can be found in religion when all else fails. I have long been fortunate to not have to turn to religion to better my life....and here again the term "better my life" is subjective. It is not my intention to discuss, debate or start a discourse on what that means because it means different things to different people. Whatever is important to you in your own life do not impose your life choices on others....especially in matters of religion!

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