Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hell has no fury like a Khalid scorned and an Anwar betrayed!

Hell have had no fury like a Khalid scorned. Not even when hell freezes over will there be another scenario quite like this one that has already darkened the political skies of Selangor, promises to obliterate that decent glimmer of hope (call Pakatan Rakyat) that we had hoped would have given Umno a run for their money in the coming general election and even dares threatens to scuttle the travel plans of the Selangor Sultan.......all because of the frailty of our elected representatives to err by putting self before that of the electorates.....a common enough occurrence amongst politicians on either side of the divide! 

And these are not ordinary humans of our! no! no!. There is a Datuk Seri and a Tan Sri amongst them, many many Yang Berhormats and Dato Dato's and the obligatory Ustaz and Ulamaks who between them all should have the wisdom of Solomon and that of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him) ......but are instead reduced to the level of pigs with their snouts in the troughs foraging for food that they do not need.

These two sons of Ibrahim - Anwar and Khalid - are surely the most unlikely of allies. 

The Tan Sri a respected and true blue corporate animal of the highest order and the Datuk Seri a raging political animal who will use any means to achieve his own ends. And yet, uneasy as their alliance was, each is acutely aware of the usefulness of one to the other - each used the other as a foil to strengthen his own position and unashamedly accepted it as the way politics is played in Malaysia......until invariably ambition, greed and vanity prevailed over all other consideration. In the process we, the people, are taken for fools and had our trust in these two used and abused.

What now? 

In spite of his good work in Selangor Khalid Ibrahim time in politics days are as good as over bar waiting for the fat lady to sing. Khalid may be an MB scorned but when push comes to shove I doubt that he will have the stomach to do politics anymore. PAS beckons and Umno awaits but unlike Anwar whose principles goes where the prevailing wind blows, Khalid now has enough "Fuck You" money...and that money enables him to not do anything he does not want to do! And politics he will not want to do anymore when the corporate world (where Umno dominates) still have need for men of his calibre. 

For Anwar Ibrahim somehow or other this episode will, in his own mind eye, be a triumph again - as he had triumph over Mahathir (he had not!), as he had triumph in the 13 GE (he had not!) and as he had triumph over his Sodomy Two case (he has not!). That he has failed in almost all of his major endeavors has escaped his consciousness but then is that not the way of those who mistakenly think themselves as the political Messiah?   

Yes he put Pakatan Rakyat together but it has not dawn upon him that it is not the putting together of Pakatan Rakyat that is the is keeping it together and making it work that really matters.                

And the same with the many many people that have come over to his is not getting these people to come over to your side that is the challenge...the challenge is keeping them on side. 

And so it is with Khalid Ibrahim. Anwar's feat in bringing Khalid over to PKR is now eclipse by Khalid's departure and what that departure has done to PKR and PR and for Anwar's political credibility and future.

And soon all these peoiple that are now around him.....Nasution, Rafizi, Savarasa etc etc they are with year from now where will there be? Cast your thoughts to the very beginning of Anwar's dabbling with politics in Umno, Reformasi, PKR and Pakatan Rakyat and you can see a recurring theme...he starts with a bang and much too soon ends in a whimper! And I have no doubt that there will be a resurrection of Anwar's political fortune again after this Selangor episode but for me the dye is cast. 

Let there be political maturity if not in our politicians than it has to start with us! To their death even Idi Amin, Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Hitler had their loyal followers. Today so has Ibrahim Ali. 

Is it not time for you to ask yourself why this is so?   

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