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Azizah - For as long as I can remember she has been a staunch supporter of Tan Sri Khalid as MB for Selangor. What has changed and why?

Where does Wan Azizah's loyalties lies? 

For as long as I can remember she has been a staunch supporter of Tan Sri Khalid as MB for Selangor. As President of PKR the undue haste and eagerness with which she insisted on submitting Khalid's name as Menteri Besar of Selangor to the Sultan even before the last result of the last general election was in is known to many. It was her attempt to thwart any other pretenders who might have designs on the MB's crown.....for she had already known that Anwar had promised same to Azmin Ali!

Over the years we are familiar with her covert and overt support and loyalty to Khalid as MB for Selangor. 

What has changed and why?

And what had Anwar to do with it? 

Has she no mind of her own? 

Your guess is as good as mine. We are reminded of her sense of sacrifice and duty for PKR from the time she came forward in lieu of Anwar and for Anwar, to stand as President of PKR but in the light of this Khalid/MB's episode should question now be asked if she has a mind of her own to do what is right for PKR or are all her doings selfishly done to ensure that her family and Anwar's interest comes before all others?

For sure her loyalties to her husband is  commendable. 

For sure again she is demonstrating that she is willing and able to do his bidding.

But Is not this nepotism? 

What has changed to make her ditch Khalid?

Was she not against the Kajang move until Anwar could no longer run and then she again became Anwar's representative?

And now the possibilities of her being MB seems to be too great a prize even for her to refuse but is she doing it for Anwar, for PKR or for the people of Selangor? Surely you must question her integrity and credibility as a leader and an individual willing to sacrifice everything for PKR when the immediate and long term benefit of her decision to accept the MB's nomination is again her family and Anwar!

Or is Azizah a sacred cow that no one can question? 

"Nearly all men/women can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's/women's character, give him/her power." - Abraham Lincoln    

Selangor is too critical and too precious to be a testing ground of Anwar's or Azizah's character or their ability to withstand adversity. If they fail us the price will be the loss of Selangor, PKR and possibly PR. If, as some of you are insisting, that we once again trust in the judgement of Anwar Ibrahim....then I dare suggest that this may be one more time too many!

Azizah is a dutiful wife....but in the times that we live in today politics are too often the means by which unscrupulous leaders advanced their own selfish political agendas and where people are managed and manipulated by unscrupulous leaders. I believe that common sense should prevail and we should try to make some sense of prevailing situations by looking at the past deeds or misdeeds of those involved and make our own judgement calls. 

For many Azizah has been an extraordinary individual who has done much to earn her place in PKR, PR and in our nation's history book. Let not her inability to say no to Anwar's demand to advance her family be the cause for us to doubt her commitment to the cause that we have all been fighting for - justice for all, no corruption, transparency in government and of course, no tolerance for nepotism. 

We do not want an MB who listens to her husband. We have had enough of the PM who listened to his wife...and who can forget that PM who listened to his son in law.

We do not want an MB whose loyalties are swayed by family consideration or any other consideration. The interest of the State and the people of that state should be the only consideration that matters.

And of course we want an MB that will not only do what is best for the state and the people of that state but will also be loyal to and have the support of the political party that has put him/her in that position...provided that that the interest of that political party first and foremost take into consideration the interest of that state and the people of that state when it deliberates on what it is to do for that State. 

Put yourself in Khalid's place. 

He has worked tirelessly to develop Selangor and has made good governance the cornerstone  of his administration. No corruption, no nepotism and to the best of his ability and judgement did what he thought was best for the people of Selangor - the people of Selangor not PKR...and thereby lies his sin in the eyes of those in PKR who wanted to partake in the spoils of war after PKR took over Selangor. 

Maybe....just maybe he could be questioned in his dealings on the Tropicana Land deal because of the connotations re the link to his Bank Islam loan that he still had outstanding then. 

All things considered it was a commercial transaction that was mutually beneficial to the State of Selangor and the developer....until the developer decided to flip a parcel of the land for quick profit. And when he did, Tan Sri Khalid did not turn a blind eye and insisted that if the developer was out to make a quick ringgit than the State of Selangor too wanted to have its cake now rather than wait for it over the period of the development as was first agreed to in the initial agreement. That all this had to do with Tan Sri Khalid's Bank Islam case is for the courts to decide - if it ever comes to that. Until then it is all conjecture. 

It would be better for PKR to deal with the fact that Anwar Ibrahim has been convicted by the Court over his Sodomy Two episode because that is not conjecture...that is fact!

If you read what I have so far written on this subject you may question where I stand over this issue. My answer is simply this....I use my judgement, my reasoning and plain simple common sense to make some rational conclusion as to what is going on. 

The only bastard within PKR that has been shown some gumption and backbone over the time that PKR has been in existence is Azmin Ali. Yes for sure he is not what we would term as a "nice guy" but how can you be when you have Anwar Ibrahim as your leader? Ask yourself how many times you have seen  Azmin take the blame fpr something that Anwar has done? Ask yourself if you have seen anyone who had stayed loyal to PKR and Anwar Ibrahim longer than Azmin Ali? And ask yourself why Azmin would have thought himself MB material  if Anwar Ibrahim had not promised him same?

Now Anwar is left only with Azizah to do his bidding's.....because like Razak's Baginda's wife who had stuck with Razak through everything just so she is in sight of that RM$500 million that Razak has, Azizah too has much too lose if she turns on Anwar Ibrahim. 

Not only politics and all that goes with it but also the most important thing for most of us...the unity of her family. So do have sympathy for Azizah but do not let that sympathy cloud your judgement over what should be the right thing for Anwar Ibrahim, PKR, PR and of course Khalid Ibrahim should and must do for the good of the people of Selangor, PKR and PR...and by default, for the good of the many of us that has put our faith in Pakatan Rakyat.

All things considered there is still no clarity on these issues and it has to be left to future generations and history to make some sense of the politics that we have now grown accustomed to...accustomed but not accepting of....but this I know: From the ashes of this Selangor will rise another generation of Selangor youths that will learn from the mistakes of those before them! And we will be the better for that!   

I rest my case.   


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