Friday, 22 August 2014

MH17 Coming Home: Condolence, Sympathy and our Prayers. We all mourn the loss of your loved ones.

Here in Melbourne it is just noon as I watch the arrival of the 747 Jumbo carrying the remains of those from the tragic crash of MH17 touched down on the tarmac of KLIA. My heart is heavy and my thoughts are with those who are waiting for their loved ones - nine from the crew of MH17 and 11 passengers...and try as I might I cannot stop my tears from falling at the first glimpse of the coffins. 

No one would have thought that the 20 would come home this way....certainly not their love ones. 

For a brief moment my thoughts went back to a time long ago when we waited for the arrival of the remains of those who died in that Nuri helicopter crash in Genting Sempah killing all of its crew. I can still feel my sadness as I saw the Heli approaching the KL GH field with the remains of its crew.....that was another moment of much sadness for all of us.

Stewardess Aruah Mastura Mustapha was the first to be brought down onto Malaysian soil. She left behind a husband and 10 year old Muhriz Marzaidi. Her remains will be brought back to Paroi for burial. Her last words to her husband were " “I won't be with you forever; one day I will go and meet Allah and never return”, through 'WeChat'.  

Ahmad Hakimi is next. He was rostered to be part of the crew on MH370 but did not make it....but he did make it on MH17....and death followed. 

As the coming home ceremony unfold I remember the ceremony in Amsterdam when the remains arrived from Ukraine - the site of the crash. I can tell you that there is as much respect and reverence shown by the Dutch to the remains of MH17 as our Malaysian government is now showing to these Malaysian coming home. 

As each coffin is unloaded and brought on to the hearse I am reminded that each and everyone of them will be taking separate routes to their final resting place..... Nirvana Memorial Park in Sugai Besi, Paroi, Nirvana Memorial Park Shah Alam, Segamat, Tambun, Taiping, Muar, Subang Jaya, Kuching, Wangsa Maju, Putrajaya...and other final resting places. 

We are told that a husband and wife ..Mabel and Paul are next but their 9 year old son, Mathew is still missing .... has not been identified.  

We are told that in a family of six on MH17, only the mother and the youngest child has been identified. The father and three other children are still missing!

As the last coffin is put into the white hearse and its doors are closed...a minute of silence is observed throughout the length and breadth of our nation....all Malaysians,,,,all religion...together we mourn those who have left us. We honor them. A Nation in silence. 

As the hearse leaves KLIA three heli started their journey to Segamat, Pagoh and Taiping to send the remains of those from there.

Al Fatihah.

Setinggimana 'takhta',
sahebat mana kuasa,
sekuat mana tenaga, 
sebanyak mana 'harta',
waima dunia kamu yang empunya....
bila sampai masanya,
maka kembali juga kamu kepada yang Esa.
Bila? Dimana? Bagaimana? Hanya Dia yang menyingkap rahsia.
Mudah2an kita pergi dalam iman, meredhai dan di Redhai......
Allah tiada pernah kita khianati
tiada manusia yang kita zalimi,
agar dalam sejahtera kita kembali,
Moga Allah meredhai Neraka dijauhi.
(with thanks to brother Fauzi Rahman)


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