Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Plain Talking from Mr Lee....the end game for this Selangor caper!

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mr lee
mr lee


Dear All,
The end result is protruding now. It is not about Pas leaving Pakatan or a unity government is forged by Pas and Umno. The end game of Umno is to cut out this saga into this:- Malay (Umno, Khalid, Pas) v Chinese (Pkr and Dap). 
This is getting very real.
Once the unity government is forged and new Exco is lined up, Anway will be convicted sometime before Christmas, sending Pakatan spiral down like head less chicken. Kit Siang or Guan Eng CANNOT lead Pakatan (they cannot be the figure head of Pakatan).
Even then, it will not be the end of this. Umno will go full speed to cut out this image at the national level, sucking away most Malays from marginal electorate areas. They are already powerful if Malay majority. All they need to do, is to focus of mixed areas by making sure the Malay minority area will not vote the then headless Pakatan.
This is the beginning of the end of Pakatan.
At the end of this, Pas will be the one to be blamed for this. The question is: is this Pas want it.
If you are Chinese, you will not fault Pas if you really understand what is the nerve and soul of Pas in the Malay heartland. To Pas, they only want Kelantan, Kedah and Terengganu. A bargain will be made for these States and they are indeed very Malay in their hearts, much more nationalist than most of you would have thought. Pas may think this is a good deal for them.
Another thing you are not aware. Many in Pas have seen for the 6 years in Pakatan – they did not like the rise of the liberals even within Pas (the like of Khalid samad, mat sabu, mujahid etc). The old guards in Pas have made in clear that it is better to lose to another Muslim than to non-muslims. A caliph cannot be ruled and led by a kafir. There is no moral value which they see of Anwar Ibrhim.
Pas uses Anwar as the best publicists, just like Umno uses Apco/1 Malaysia concept as a front.
Anwar helps Pas deliver a big chuck of votes bank from non-malays.
Hack. Why not?

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