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I would rather have the Malay devils from UMNO run Putrajaya then the Malay devils from PAS and PKR in control of Putrajaya

In 1998 Newsweek magazine named Anwar "Asian of the Year". 

In was also in 1998, in the first week of June that Anwar made his last desperate move against Mahathir by calling upon Umno to stop cronyism and nepotism....implying that Mahathir himself was the chief culprit of such practices through the giving of bumi mega projects to his own son.  

On June 18th 1998 at the Umno General Assembly the battle royal began. Anwar's then machai, Zahid Hamidi (Head of Umno youth), released a list of corrupt projects and the reciepients of these projects - and at the very top of the list was Mahathir's son. 

The very next day another list was released eclipsing that released by Zahid. This time detailing shareholders in privatised bumiputra companies. and in this list Anwar's family and cronies were prominent. 

The book distributed during the same Assembly  - "50 Dalil Kenapa Anwar Tidak Boleh jadi PM " - certaily did not help Anwar's cause.

The twist and turns of this battle royal are many but suffice for me to say that on the 20th of September 1998, Anwar was arrested  and subsequently charged with corruption and for allegedly interfering with police investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct made against him... and the rest is history.

That was over 16 years ago and since then Anwar has fought many other battles in his own personal life and in the political arena and in most of them he has not emerged victorious. 

Has Anwar learned anything? 

I hope for his sake and ours, there is within Anwar Ibrahim some clarity within himself as to his responsibilities and duty as an individual and as leader of PKR and PR and also the ability to understand what is happening around him in order that he can do the right thing for his political and personal advancement. 

After his time in Sugai Buloh and his resurrection as leader (this time in the opposition) time and time again we have been witness to his deeds and actions that has caused many to question his ability to manage his own, his party, Pakatan Rakyats and the Rakyat's issues and concerns responsibly and  with an understanding of the consequences of his actions. 

Chandra Muzaffar, Ezam Noor, John Soh, Zaid Ibrahim, Saiful, Nalla, Bala, Black September, Langkah Kajang, Turkish Embassy, Khalid Ibrahim, Tiga Datuks, Rolex Watch, China Doll..... these are but a few of the issues and concerns that sticks to my mind. There are many more and in all this his actions is not that of a responsible and reasonable man.

More worrying he has been convicted of corruption in respect of his use of his public position as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

And now he has been convicted of Sodomy. 

"To this day, many still believe the first image he gave them. For American liberals, he was the earnest, moderate reformer. For PAS types he drew to Umno and his old guard in ABIM, he was the radical out to make Malaysia a perfect Islamic state. For the neoconservatives, he was a bulwark against what they perceived as the next great threat: Islamic radicalism. To Western reporters – whose policy preference overlapped strongly with American liberals – he was the Shakespeare-quoting, dedicated believer of reform from within. To Mahathir Mohamad, he was the capable son and political heir, the outsider who became the insider and who saw Mahathir as a surrogate parent.
To them all, he was a man of the people, a man of principle and honesty. Nonsense. Anwar Ibrahim is a man who made a great deal of money and power out of corruption and graft, and has never bothered to apologise for it. He is a man who all but banned Christmas in Malaysia and was on track to drive the Chinese out and close down their schools.
In the days before the Internet and social media was an everyday fixture, this sort of duplicity was easy. He played them all for fools". The "I" Files by Jonathan Smith.
We have been there when Pakatan Rakyat came into being. We have watch it grow and see it present itself to us as a viable alternative to the corrupt Umno led Barisan Nasional government. 

In the beginning there was hope...much hope....enough hope for the people to vote PR into 5 states in the 12th GE. By the 13th GE the people gave their overwhelming support to PR to be their alternative to the corrupt BN government by giving PR 50.87% of their votes.  No one can question the Rakyat desire and commitment to want PR as the government in Putrajaya by the 14th GE. It was a question not of "if" but of "when" PR will be the government in Putrajaya.

What has PR done in return?

They have lost Perak and Kedah to BN. And now Selangor is in a mess. 

In between the 12th GE and today there has been a litany of misuse opportunity to consolidate and build upon the resvoir of trust the Rakyat has given to PR. A slew of misjudgment, mismanagement and abuses by PR in the states under their control resulting in a loss of confidence of the Rakyat in the ability of PR to govern even at state level and PR has been guilty of condoning a raft of egos and vaulting personal political ambitions for power and personal wealth that has seen infighting within the three components parties within PR - mostly in DAP and PKR........and Anwar and PKR are the main culprits of these shenanigans.

Now ask yourself by what we have seen them do since the 12th GE - are you prepared to give PR an opportunity to govern us at federal level in Putrajaya? 

Are you comfortable at having Anwar Ibrahim as PM? 

WIll you allow those half baked young Turks from PKR to run riot on the 4th floor of the PM's office should Anwar ever become PM and Finance Minister? Can you imagine having not one, but many, KJ's running around in the PM's office? God forbid!

If you argue  that Penang is a prime example of what a PR government can do in Putrajaya then you are deluding yourself. Penang is a DAP show. You cannot have a DAP show in Putrajaya. Should PR form government what we will have in Putrajaya is a PKR and PAS show with DAP foaming at the mouth because they can only stand on the sideline of government trying their very best to put in their ten cents worth of advise to a PR government run by PAS and PKR. Mostly by Malays from PAS and PKR...and the obligatory Malay from DAP.

I would rather have the Malay devils from UMNO run Putrajaya then the Malay devils from PAS and PKR in control of Putrajaya...something about better the devil you know than the devil you don't know!

I am not being a racist. These are the realities we have to live with for least for the next decade or least until an educated, enlighten and responsible generation of Malaysians can be ready to make our nation into what we all want it to be - 1Malaysia! One in which we are all one people, one nation under a responsible, transparent and open government.

Now how do we ensure that that generation will come into being within the next decade or two? Certainly not with only the Malays now in PKR and PAS taking government in Putrajaya! We need a government that is inclusive of all Malaysian!

How then can we make this happen? 

I have no answer to this yet but I know we cannot do so with Anwar Ibrahim as PM, with Azizah as MB of Selangor and certainly not with the PKR and PAS that we have now to take government in Putrajaya. Even the DAP of today will need to change and make itself a Malaysian political entity.

There will be some who will disagree with me on this. 

Anything and anyone, you will say, is better than a corrupt UMNO led BN government. 

That maybe be so but we need to debate, discuss and talk through these issues out in the open. We need to be honest with ourselves but for myself I will not want to change this corrupt Umno led BN corrupt for another corrupt PR led government.      

A word of advise to those "advising" Anwar Ibrahim. Stop strategizing anymore Langkah Kajang or planning any more short cuts to Putrajaya. The people have already given you their mandate at the last GE.  Wait for the next GE. God willing PR should be in government. Do not squander the lead you now have over BN. Do not abuse the trust the people now have in PR. Do not start dividing the spoils of an electoral victory that is yet to come...just concentrate on keeping the peoples trust...and fellers you do not do this by doing what you are doing in Selangor! Kapish?

We remember the time that Mahathir recalled Daim Zainuddin from semi-retirement to take over Anwar's who will take over his place in PR and more urgently...his place in PKR? Azmin?

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