Thursday, 30 June 2011

BERSIH lawan KOTOR...OMO menang!

I am appalled at the manner Najib is handling this BERSIH 2.0 rally. Really appalled. Why can't he come up with something more imaginative then to use the same tired old SOP (standard operating procedure lah!) of rounding up all the usual suspects from his side of the equation to do his bidding for him.

Numero uno has to be that Din guy! Yeah that geek who is now having the time of his life playing at cops and robbers. Only this time he is playing at our expense! For being a bad bad boy they have has taken his Keris away but he still has his water cannons and PDRM's riot squad to unleash on his defenceless target : The Malaysian People! Din fancies himself as the nation's first line of defence against any threat to national security. The fact that about the only threat to our nation's security had come from Sukarno who declared "ganjang Malaysia" in the 1962-1966 era must have escaped this geek. And that "undeclared war" has been over since 1966! Musa Hitam had his "John Wayne" moment when he sent in the troops against Ibrahim Libya at Kampong Memali in November 1985. Memali was simply UMNO's way of winning a spate with PAS. The fact that 14 villagers and 4 policemen died because of this political spate is of no consequence to UMNO. There were just collateral damage. To add insult to injury Musa announced that the 14 villagers killed were criminals when in fact he was the criminal who ordered heavily armed Policemen to go in after villagers armed with a few hunting rifles and spears! ...and of course 36 of these villagers were arrested under the ISA in January 1986 but released in June.

So now Din's "John Wayne" moment is about to come but without the keris.

Let me digress a bit here. At one time the Keris was a symbol of manhood and a man is not a man without a Keris. And I know that some of you are already smiling knowing where I am that his Keris has been taken away from him, is Din feeling inadequate because he is now without his "manhood?" Well as you all know there are two types of Keris: the straight one and the meandering one : my question to Din is this : is your manhood straight or meandering? Either way he is still minus his manhood!

Back to matters at hand...with all respect Din dare I suggest that you DO NOT...repeat DO NOT.. attempt to direct operations from Bukit Aman dressed in your Malay Baju with a patch over your eyes ala John Wayne in True Grit!

Next suspect in line is the IGP...actually it is a toss up between the AG and the IGP...because the AG must first declare that the Bersih 2.0 rally is illegal and then the IGP steps in to arrest all "those sonofabitch" as John Wanes succinctly puts it.

But the AG has already twice made an ass of himself in recent memory. One by having that "dalliance" of a sexual nature with is "nudge nudge, wink wink" work colleague. Second, by confirming that it takes an ass (himself) to allow another ass (his DPP) to make a ass of the AG's office by demonstrating the hitherto unknown "self-strangulation" technique during the Teoh Beng Hock inquest which shall now forever go down in the annuls of Malaysian folklore as being the one where the world first became aware that there were at least two asses in the AG's office!

Anyway...the IGP is now having his 15 minutes of infamy...or should that be fame? Either way he will still use the same script that we all know too well and Din is too dumb to "spice" up a bit - though he tried by throwing in the "communist threat to wage war with the King"...but upon reflection it was pointed out to Najib and Din that Chin Peng is now over 80 years old and would be unable to go into the jungle again without his medication and more to the point - Chin Peng cannot be in Sitiawan and be a threat to national security because the same BN government has refused him permission to come back! Still a national threat at over 80? Huh! Din did try to get the Queen to take back Chin Peng's OBE but Buckingham Palace said no can do unless Chin Peng did a "John Lennon" and send his OBE back to the queen himself!

Now that Din and this IGP has already wade in parroting their tired and tested lines of "a threat to national security"/"seditious act"/ "have to safeguard public order"/ "tension, chaos, the destruction of property, injury and even loss of life if the Bersih rally is held"... what else will come next?

RELA? Well I can tell you that RELA is already "bersedia" but I am still a bit vague if they have been given "arbitrary power of arrests" over anybody in yellow T shirt because knowing RELA's enthusiasm for exercising their "arbitrary powers" in the past they might just teamed up Jakim (Jabatab Kemajuan Islam for all you non-muslims in case you are educationally challenged!) to check if the ladies are wearing yellow bras and undies! Not that this will cause any discomfort to the BN government but what will RELA do with these ladies once they have been arrested for using yellow bra's and undies? More a problem of logistics then anything else! RELA simply do not have the resources to detain anybody without encroaching into PDRM's territory -and with the zeal demonstrated by the riot squad in previous "incidents", PDRM wants to do their "own thing" without having to lock up the "yellow peril" arrested by RELA.

And talking about the implied "Yellow Peril" of those wearing yellow in the Bersih 2.0 rally, I wonder why the Chinese do not complain about this to the BN government. I remember a time in the past when the Chinese immigrants were refereed to as the "Yellow Peril" or "Yellow Terror" when they immigrated in large numbers to western countries because they threatened the wage and standards of living of the countries they immigrated to! Is not the BN government implying the same thing with this recent crackdown - that anything in yellow, including the Chinese, are a threat to national security! To me this smack of racialism by the BN government and MCA should step in to do their duty to the Chinese community whom they claim to represent. Camna Soil Lek?

Everything seems to be in readiness for a battle royal in the lead up to this Bersih 2.0 rally. But like all sensible commanders who wants desperately to live not to fight another day but to share in the pillage and plunder in the aftermath of the Bersih Rally, UMNO and BN's political elites will be far far away from the chaos and riot that they are about to unleash by allowing Pekasa, UMNO youth and all their armies to vent their overwhelming force upon the defenceless Bersih rally participants.
Of course there will be running battles fought in the streets of Kuala Lumpur. There will be heads cracked open by the Riot Squad. Limbs broken whacked by the batons of PDRM. Bruises and blood will be par for the course and except for the few who will stand and fight for BERSIH 2.0 what we will see would be a Kuala Lumpur littered with the aftermath of a rally that the BN government has no shame in using for their own purpose.........

Unless the people rally in large numbers.
Stand together and
tell this BN government that enough is enough.

Without the numbers the people will be bullied mercilessly into submission by PDRM. Whether our people will have the courage and commitment to stand together against overwhelming force is to be seen. But the costs to the Rakyat in not doing may just be too much to bear if it allows BN and UMNO to continue to have their corrupt and arrogant way with us, our children and our country!