Wednesday, 22 June 2011

ooops.....BBC Scotland news

Things got off to a terrible start when a technician got the schedules of the news reports mixed up resulting in a smiling, middle-aged woman appearing on screen - and staying there for an uncomfortably long time - as the presenter announced the anniversary of the defection of Rudolph Hess. Shearer quipped: "Apologies, that obviously wasn't who we thought it was." . Then, when they cut back to Shearer in the studio, somebody had turned her microphone off and she appeared silently mouthing words before the audio returned just in time for her to say: "... some technical problems." The clip uploaded on Friday is becoming a YouTube hit with more than 140,000 views. It isn't the first time the station has suffered from technical gremlins.

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  1. One of the most famous oops:

    The official explanation since the BBC broadcast is that that news from the ground about the fires at the building and its weak condition got distored on its way to BBC. However, a number of emergncy workers heard the countdown. There is a big difference between destroyed, collapsed, and demolished - at least for the purpose of insurance.