Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Truth. Nothing but the Truth!

Let us do some straight talking here. I can write good or bad on just about any politician in Bolehland - in BN or Pakatan Rakyat. I would confess that I would be clutching at straws when it comes to Tok Guru and there are a few that I would rather leave alone not because they are unblemished but simply because they are doing their best demi kepentingan bangsa, negara dan lain lain. For most politicians in Bolehland trying to write good about them would be an effort indeed but as I said, if I want to write good about them I will find something.

Have I thought about writing for a living....or to be blunt, will I write for money?
I would consider doing it. Writing is work to me.You get paid to work so why not me? But what if I am asked to write about things that I do not believe in? What if I am asked to make up stuff that would damage the reputation of the politician I am writing about? Will I do it? To be honest I have not been confronted with such a choice - but if I am to write for money sooner or later I will be asked to do so - and when I am asked to do so I am sure the money on offer to me to do so would be tempting. What will I do?

This I know. I have been talking with a few people who have read what I write and were "talking" with me about "working" together. They are from UMNO, MIC and the opposition. Nothing has eventuated. I simply want to be paid for my "writing" work and to have my costs covered - not to make money from my writing.Not because I do not have stories to tell! I have stories to tell but I would rather be paid to work at writing on my blog - not to do expose or dig up dirt about these politicians from Bolehland. If in the course of what I write these politicians have their private lives and wrong doings expose - then so be it.

I am writing this to let you all know that I am still a free agent. Yes I hantam BN and UMNO politicians but it is because for now that is what I choose to do. Politicians in the opposition too have their stories to be told but I sincerely believe that of the two evils -Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat - you all know where I stand for now.

What I hope to do for now is to write on the situation in Malaysia "as I see it" to quote our beloved Tunku. I have no hidden agenda. No vested interest and certainly I am not writing for money. Will this change in the foreseeable future? Maybe. Every body has his or her price and I am not that naive to think that I cannot be bought. What has transpired so far would make interesting reading for most of you but I know there are areas that even I would not want to go simply because it would be a breach of confidence to those that choose to "talk" to me on these matters.

Enough of all this for now. Expect the unexpected. I know that to be able to write about anything I would need to identity some element of truth in what I write - the embellishment and the stretching of this element of truth to make the telling of the story interesting is something I might or might not do to add "oommph" to the story!

Call me a hypocrite. Call me a mercenary. You can even call me a taxi if you want to but as I have said earlier I work at writing. Do not begrudge me in trying to earn a living by doing so but in as long as I can be true to myself and my beliefs, then nothing else really much matters.