Wednesday, 15 June 2011

ETP,EPP and Pee Pee Pee!

I saw this headline in yesterday NST “Economy set for take-off. PM: 87 initiatives launched with 362,396 new jobs created” I tried. I really really tried but Najib lost me after this first paragraph.
“Combined, these 15 initiatives within seven national key economic areas will account for about RM63.88 billion in investments, RM66.13 billion in gross national income (GNI) and 63,531 jobs,” he said. Najib added that on a cumulative basis, the ETP to date had recorded RM170.28 billion in investments, RM220.15 billion in GNI and 362,396 new jobs.
All I could see was 63,531 jobs...and I thought that would come in handy in providing jobs for those illegal pendatangs when they are given amnesty and provided with whatever colour identity cards that would allow them to have the same rights and privileges as a citizen! Not as much as the Malays lah but certainly more than the non-Malays! Hmmm there is some method in Najib’s madness after all. But then he goes on to confuse me with that 362,396 new jobs which has been created on a cumulative basis because of the ETP -  aisehman is he thinking of inviting all the muslim refugees from Libya, Sudan and Ethiopia? Somebody better tell him that it is quality and not quantity that we want – apart from taking in those deserving refugees who have no where to go – we must try to ensure that these pendatangs will not burden our country economically. I think it should be cheaper for UMNO to just go and buy votes then to keep taking in pendatangs just so UMNO hopes that they will vote UMNO! SO please UMNO no short term gain for long term pain!
Najib says that there are 15 initiatives and 7 national key economic areas! Wow that seems to be more then what Pak Lah was trying to do. Pak Lah had the South Johor Economic region, the Northern Corridor Economic Region, the East Coast Development Corridor...aiyah so many corridors and regions that I am sure even Najib got lost going from one corridor to another ...and there is also the corridors of power in Putrajaya –where I am sure KJ is still wandering around lost in his thoughts about what could have been! So is Najib keeping all these Pak Lah’s corridors open or are they still too full of Pak Lah’s sahabat to try and close?  
He also tells me that this is the Economic Transformation Programme Progress Update Number Six. Now this makes me think about the Australian Got Talent show that is now currently on over here. Right now it is at the Finals stage...please not there is an “s” at the end of the word “Final”...which means it can go on and on and on until we reach the “final Final!”.
So how many updates are we going to have on this ETP thing? And I really do not care how many ETP programmes you have and how many updates you are going to wheel out – and you can blow as many trumpets as you like before you announce any updates. All I want is for you keep the price of essentials stable and for now tells us the terms and conditions of the IPP agreements. There are a few other things we want you to do but if you want to transform anything please transform the way you and your ministers keep treating us all like we are stupid idiots!   
You also said “More than half of the 131 Entry Point Projects (EPPs) under the country’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) have already taken off, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said yesterday. They include the nine all-new and six recapped initiatives, bringing it to a total of 87 initiatives so far.
Can I ask you this: What are these 131 Entry Point Projects (EPPs)? Entry into what? Entry into the Economic Transformation Programme(ETP)? So before you go into the ETP you have to enter through the EPP? What about the PEE PEE..can I PEE PEE on the ETP and the EPP? What a load of rubbish!
Then comes this part:  “And based on this performance, the government is confident that we can achieve an average growth rate of six per cent until 2020 and this will not simply be a Mat Jenin’s dream (wishful thinking) but a target that will be realised.” Najib pointed out that the GDP target of more than six per cent this year was achievable despite the country’s lower crude oil exports in the first quarter due to some problem at an oil field.
Later, at a press conference Pemandu chief executive officer Datuk Seri Idris Jala said the reservoir in the Kikeh Oil Field had a sand-related problem this year, resulting in lower crude oil exports by 11.5 per cent in the first quarter.
“If Murphy Oil can sort this out in the second half of this year, we will see our economy rebounding,” he said Meanwhile, the nine new initiatives announced yesterday include the development of a 64ha integrated health education cluster in Bandar Springhill, Port Dickson which will comprise Malaysia’s first private teaching hospital.

If you read between the lines here you will start to see the “if’s” part. He brings in Mat Jenin ( I hope he is not an alias for a Pendatang!) and starts to mention about “some problem at an oil field” And for good measure his sidekick Idris Jala said that the reservoir in the Kikeh Oil Field had a sand related problem resulting in lower oil exports.

I gave up after this part because I know where it is all heading to. This Update number Six is big on what is possible under the ETP but only if Murphy Oil can sort out the problem at the Kikeh Oil Field.
Only if the SEGI Education Group invest RM700 million in early childhood care in Greater KL. But before SEGI Group can invest that RM700 (assuming that they have it!) Greater KL must become a reality – and honestly speaking Najib...I do not see greater KL become a reality before the 13th general election...and if it does not become a reality before the 13th general election, then how? You will be dead meat after the 13th general election!      

“Others are Sime Darby investing in two specialist hospitals, a local company, Jefi Aquatech Resources Sdn Bhd’s, investment to make Malaysia a leading global shrimp producer and another is Yanming Resources’ plan to go big in the edible bird’s nests market”

Surely you jest Najib! Sime Darby is F#@k – what more invest in two specialist hospitals. As for Jefi Aquatech Resources Sdn. Bhd investment to make Malaysia a leading global shrimp producer and Yanmimg Resources plan to go big in the edible bird’s nest market ...can I say this? I will wait for your seven, eight or nine updates on the ETP to see where these “another BN project” have gone to. Possible the same way as Perwaja, Bank Bumiputra, that shipping company belonging to Mahathir’s son (if MISC had not followed instructions to bail it out!), PKFZ, Amin’s Shah and Tajuddin business venture into “fail safe” projects with BN....and the list goes on!
A word of advice....with the 13th general election just around the corner it would be
cheaper for the nation if you just take  the nation’s money and go buy votes. Do not believe what you hear about people taking UMNO’s money and voting for Pakatan Rakyat...but then what else can you do? Give or don’t give you are F#*ked!