Friday, 24 June 2011

UMNO elites my foot! Looks more like Ulats to me!


These three sleezy poor ass excuse of a human being are the very manifestation of how low UMNO has allowed itself to sink to. In the middle is that Rahim Thambi Chik - a child molester  - no worst, a pedophile - the Chief Minister of a Barisan Nasional State that raped an underage Malay school girl. UMNO and the then Prime Minister Mahatahir saw it fit to let him go free without any punishment or censure and instead incarcerated Lim Guan Eng, a lawyer who came to the defend of that underage Malay School girl. What does UMNO do? He is still a Tan Sri - bringing shame to other Tan Sri's who have earned their right to that honour. He is now Chairman of RISDA - a government agency! And all this UMNO has allowed to happen because they still have use of this pedophile and rapist to do their dirty work for them! 

Another one proudly proclaims that he was a willing participant in the sex video and swears in the name of ALLAH that he is witnessed to the sex act. And we know of his dealings to earn "commission" on projects and tenders awarded by this insidious BN government and yet this Najib government allows this eager participant of money politics to try and gain mileage and traction out of this sex tape caper. Why?

And the other f#*king bastard look as slimy as a snake, talks like a snake and so must be a snake! And it would seems that only he seems to realize that maybe, just maybe, UMNO is no longer amused by their antics -even if it was really UMNO that had set them up to do same!

But simply put -look at the three very very closely and you will see in them what UMNO really is! Everything and anything evil the three of them have done in the past serves only to "enhance" their usefulness to UMNO.And of course only "titled" idiots  - in this case one Tan SRi and two f#8king datuks - are given the 'responsibility" of going after DSAI -as if their credibility is "enhanced" by the titles they carry. I spit on their tittle! The three is the public face of UMNO now! They, together with the Ibrahim son of Ali were "chosen" to fight UMNO's battle for UMNO - all of them desperate to be accepted back as "UMNO ELITES" -what elites? More like ulats to me!

As a Malay I am ashamed that three so called titled Malays will do what they have done. And as a Malay I am ashamed that my Perdana Mentri has allowed this to happen. If this does not make the Rakyat understand the desperateness of UMNO to try and cling to power then what else will? But I think we all do understand how low UMNO has levelled off too...pretty soon they will have to start to dig to go any lower and their UMNO and BN followers will follow them - but only out of a morbid curiosity to see where the hell these UMNO leaders are heading to...God help UMNO because the Malays certainly will not!      


  1. You are right Pak Hussein. I too am ashamed to be associated as Malay as these are the Malay faces projected by UMNO day and night. I'd rather be known only as a Muslim but not Malay.

  2. One UMNO lawyer was so impressed with Rahim's credentials he forgot that man had once been charged with having sex with an underaged girls, as did 8 or 9 others who were all convicted of the same charge.

    Malaysia bolih!

    Never mind you are shamed of him as a Malay. I am ashamed to breathe the same as as this filthy trio!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race


  4. sawadeeeeee........ CRAP to Eskay

  5. Lim Guan Eng, a lawyer who came to the defend of that underage Malay School girl

    No, I don't think LGE is a lawyer. I believe he was trained as an accountant in Australia.


  6. What is there to be ashamed of. All these years we have allowed UMNO-BN to do as they like. There is nothing else to do but brace ourselves for the impending destruction of Msia.