Sunday, 19 June 2011


Before you see the following video I would like to set this into your head...actually into the head of that Ibrahim son of Ali and into the head of any racist idiot out there in BOLEHLAND : THINK : Do you think that when this "War General" call Ibrahim son of Ali struts around like Mussolini damming the Chinese to "stock up on food" because "anything can happen"...the Chinese are scared shitless? Do you think the Chinese are fearing for their life? Do you think the non-Malays are falling down on their knees begging for mercy from this short, stoogy, stumpy self-proclaimed "war general" call Ibrahim son of Ali? This idiot must live in cuckoo land! Now go and see the video below and by the end of it you will know how those non-Malays feel when they are treated as second class citizens and without the respect due to them as Rakyats of Malaysia!They will feel the same way as that Black Man feel when treated by that White Girl!