Friday, 10 June 2011

cakap cakap...Rosmah o Rosmah!


Friday, June 10, 2011

The difference between Rosmah and Imelda: Rosmah's handbag costs more

Corrupt Barisan Nasional Written by  J. D. Lovrenciear
Why does Prime Minister Najib's current wife always get into the news circuit for all the wrong reasons and all the time? Indeed it is mind boggling. Could it be that she was born under an unlucky star and therakyat (populace) are absolutely wicked devils?
If she carries out a task, there is a flaw. If she opens her mouth - be it in response to a global-scale disaster or at some local political rally, she fouls up easily. If she goes on an overseas trip she trips all the time. And now, the latest that is riling up the rakyat - her million-ringgit handbag.

When and where in the five-dacade history of Malaysia did we witness the Prime Minsiter's wife facing so much of criticism and ridicule? Yes, none. And so why is Rosmah seen to be saying and doing all the wrong things and on that account also not seen to be saying and doing all the right or widely accepted things?
Take her branded handbag. The point is the rakyat never issued any edict that the PM's wife must only carry a Petaling Street fake bag. They never said that our officials' wives must dress like a pauper.
In fact throughout our history, the rakyat had always praised a VVIP for his or her adorable dress sense and mannerisms. But why, when Rosmah walks the corridors of the wealthy, powerful and famous, the rakyat always cannot miss a pot shot at her?
Well the First Lady and all her pretending loyalists can dismiss all these as 'oh just ignore the stupid Malaysians okay'. But surely one cannot ignore the truth, that is, none of our past Primie Ministers' wives were so despiced and mauled by the rakyat.
None of them earned any brick brats whatsoever even when it came to the choice of dress, jewelry and accessories including handbags. But the same is not with the case of Najib's current wife. Sad. Very sad. Not sad for Najib. Not sad for Rosmah.
But truly very sad for the nation. But you see there are and there always will be people like the Marcos'. Fortunately the Filipinos knew when to say enough is enough.
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  1. We have a "national" newspaper under orders to report on her stupendous happenings, complete with touched-up photo, daily without fail. To understand how ridiculous this is, imagine an Oz newpaper reporting daily on the First Lover of Australia.