Sunday, 26 June 2011

steadyaku47 apologies:

Maaf..sorry my friends...I am just listening to all those oldies but goodies and having Fish and Chips for dinner..we went out and got a Family size take away - my better half too lazy too as I eat dinner I am sharing these songs with you...salam and all our warmest regards and love to you all out there listening to these oldies...and enjoy what is left of the weekend.

7.14pm Sunday evening. In Adelaide. On a Winter evening.


  1. Well, the 30 guys now charged with "waging war against the Agong" sure could use some great entertainment to relieve their 'shell-shocked' souls. What has this country come to?

  2. Gearing for BERSIH. Can't wait hurrah!
    Have fun with BERSIH.