Thursday, 9 June 2011

Kazakhstan : Gohead or gostan?

Just when you think it cannot get any more “interesting” for Barisan Nasional their numero uno aka el Presidente Najib son of Razak manages to prove me wrong without so much as breaking into a sweat! Hands down Najib wins the “BN Idiot of the week” for this week at least – even though it is only Thursday and we are just past half way into the week. And before any of you insist that Nazri Aziz is still in the running for the same honor I beg to disagree: Najib son of Razak has gone global in his efforts to outdo Nazri!

Let me count the ways he has done so:

One, he will be addressing the 7th World Islamic Economic Forum on a matter very very close to his heart “Islamic way of Good Governance”. Aisehman Najib cakap bukan serupa bikin! Who are you kidding? But here is just what he had to say on this matter: You decide is his "cakap" serupa his "bikin"

Meanwhile, in Kazakhstan, Najib told Islamic leaders that openness, honesty and transparency were vital if the people were to have faith that their government is working for them and not for itself.

The 58-year scandal-plagued Malaysian leader said that these guiding principles would also show that leaders and politicians were striving to lift the whole economy and not to "line their own pockets".
"As political leaders and as statesmen, it is up to us to show the resolve, dedication, commitment and political will required to do what is right, to right what is wrong and to prevent corruption from becoming a norm in our societies,"Star reported Najib as saying in his speech to the WIEF.
"We should be prepared to walk the talk and practise what we preach. And government should have no fear of criticism from the people that they serve."

Two, he has taken with him 200 Malaysian participants to Kazakhstan. Not to the US of A not to UK not to Europe – but to Kazakhstan! Why? Are you getting a “hefty discount” (like Khir Toyo got for his Mansion?) on the hotel rates because of bulk buying?      

I can go on but let us just finish with three: This Kazakhstan will forever be imprinted in our memory as the “wedding trip” – no not Najibs wedding…but his daughter’s engagement to somebody in Kazakhstan I guess – I am not really bothered who that guy is! It seems that the father of the groom to be is not only a government employee but also a tycoon – good luck to Najib’s daughter!

Let us not argue about the peripheral issue: what are the peripheral issues? Well KJ says that the Najib’s trip was planned long before his daughter’s engagement plans! If we do, we are going into the “he say I say” situation. We do not know the facts as to when the trip to Kazakhstan was planned and when Najib’s daughter decided to do her thing with that guy in Kazakhstan. Let us use what we all can use. Common sense! Level playing field though I wonder how much of this KJ also has! Common sense I mean!

As Prime Minister does Najib not have the common sense to understand that he should not have mixed a Family engagement with an Official engagement? Does not Mumtaz “advised” the First Lady that it simply is not smart to have an “engagement ceremony” in the middle of Najib’s attendance of the 7th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) in Kazakhstan attended by “WORLD LEADERS!” She would not have an engagement ceremony for her daughter in Malaysia if Malaysia was hosting an International Forum for First Ladies –would she? Come on lah Mumtaz God has not made this First Lady of ours that smart – you need to advise her on these matters!

I remember the fuss made a few years back when the head honcho in Customs held a very big bash for his daughter or son’s wedding while he was still the head honcho in the custom! Too lavish and people took exception to the fact that he did it while he was still in service. Not good for Custom’s image.

Image was also the reason why Mahathir sometimes drove around in a Proton or a Perdana when he was PM. And remember that Pubic Relations coup Mahathir had when he decided to have his heart operation in Malaysia? But then he went and asked MISC to bail out his son’s shipping company –wrong move!

The same for you Najib. Surely common sense will tell you that with the 13th general election around the bend, you of all people, should do the right thing and make a trip to Kazakhstan in your own time, with your own money and not mix it up with any Official Visit to any country: even if it is on the border of Kazakhstan  - lest people say that you are a cheapskate and want to save a few thousand dollars off the airline fare.

I know that they say that common sense is very uncommon but let me simplify it for you. “Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done” C.E Stowe.

I hope that the next official visit of the President of Kazakhstan and his entourage will not be planned during the same time frame as the wedding of you know who! Jaga standard sikit lah!  


  1. we dont have to worry about the daughter keeping her kazakhstan big tycoon, she just have to start behaving like a first class elite whore...
    (hey, i didnt say that, her mama's pals did)

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  3. Hai Mate,

    Like FLOM like daughter.Perigi cari timba kan.

    Mana pompuan pegi minang jantan.He,he,he.

    Adat apa tu.