Friday, 17 June 2011

cakap cakap ..Khir Toyo

This Khir Toya corruption case is testing the limits of our ability to put with the antics of the rich and powerful who were once First Tier Malays and part and parcel of the UMNO political elites. And I use the terms "First Tier Malay" and "political elites" very very loosely simply because for a lack of other more definitive description for this worthless Jawa/Bumiputra/Malay/Barisan Nasiona/UMNO individual.

That Khir Toya as an ex-Mentri Besar of Selangor is a first tier Malay at that point of time is without question.That as ex-head of Selangor UMNO he is among UMNO's political elites is also undeniable. That he is now on trial for corruption for what he did while he was MB and Head Of UMNO in Selangor is a sorry manifestation of what UMNO has now become!

We wonder again how Mahathir could get it so wrong! By what criteria did Mahathir decide that this Khir Toya, at the age of 35 could be given the responsibility of taking charge of the richest and most developed state in Malaysia? Because with that privilege came the responsibility of not abusing the trust the people of Selangor has put in their MB.

And abuse it Khir Toya did with a vengeance! We are already familiar with his Disney Tour with his family that cost Selangor RM1.8 million : the manipulation of Balkis's account: his RM6.5 million Mansion: and the list goes on. Suffice to say that this is a man out of depth in a job he was ill equipped to handle. Even now he is unable to understand that single handedly he has been able to plunged the Jawa/Malays/UMNO down to a new low.

In all this he has arrogantly claimed Innocent secure in the knowledge that he knows that UMNO cannot afford to have him go down as a corrupt MB (which he knows and we know he is!) More comforting to him is the belief within himself that with money he will manage to buy himself out of any judicial process in Malaysia! We are already seeing this now as his trial proceed with twists and turns that would rival even Samy Velu's many many attempts to stay on as President of MIC long after his used by date. Rest assure friends that the fate of Khir Toyo will go the same way as the late Eric Chia of Perwaja shame. The same way as Lee Liong Sik of PKFZ billions squandered. Taib Mahmud, Tajuddin Ramli, Amin Shah, Razak Baginda...all familiar names in the list of infamy that we in Malaysia have to put up with because Barisan Nasional will only convict them of wrongdoing if they have a death wish themselves. To say that these individuals were corruption personified is to say that Barisan Nasional willingly and actively abetted and encouraged these evil rich and powerful first tier Malaysians to plunder and pillage our country's wealth! And we know that that will not happen - not even if hell was to freeze over!

And so we now can see the spectacle of this Khir Toyo fronting up in court... and as each day passes into our history we become stoic with the acceptance that the rich and powerful in Barisan Nasional have all taken us for fools! They must take us for fools to think that we are able to sit and take what is unfolding in the Khir Toyo's corruption case without being able to read between the lines of what is being presented to the courts! We know Khir Toyo is a corrupt human being! We know he has abused the trust placed upon him by the people of Selangor!

We know all this a long time ago and all this sandiwara in the courts will not move us one iota from our firm conviction that in time - if not now then later - those who have abused the high offices trust upon them by Mahathir or by Barisan Nasional and UMNO - all these corrupt and arrogant Barsian Nasional thieves will be made to face their judgement day. If they are no longer with us then their children will have to carry the shame of their parents who have stolen from the people. If not their children then their children children's.

Smile all you want Toyo. But through all the bluster that you now try to exude you know that this is the beginning of the end for you. You now know how Eric Chia must have felt as his world started to implode around him as the goings on within Perwaja was exposed for all to see. Go ask Tajuddin Ramli if all the money he has made - and what is left of it - whether it was worth it all because he is now forever enshrined in our history as a Malay who had it all and yet failed the Malays. Ask Rahim Noor how he felt as what he did to DSAI was put into the public domain. And I am sure you are now reflecting on how things could have been!

Once you gave "the broom award" now you deserve one too!

Whatever happens to this Toyo guy in his corruption case we can be sure of one thing. This is another nail in Barisan Nasional's coffin.For UMNO they are already shovelling the earth onto it's grave - so as each day goes buy with more astounding revelations - so goes another shovel full of earth thrown onto UMNO's grave. We are all witness to this burial. We stand around the open UMNO grave and watch as willing helpers throw more earth onto the grave. The final shovel will have to wait for the 13th general election.

Come my are one. With me we are two. Who else will help us bury UMNO?


  1. The biggest problem is that we got so many of the idiots malays who just could not care a shit whether umno and its consorts abuse,plounder,or what have you of the power entrust to them or the taxpayers money that we thought will be managed responsibly.The thing is that we got more corrupt malays who is willing to support umno than the malays who put honour and integrity as their way of life.Sad man,sad.

  2. Why is he charged with fraudulent land-buying instead of being investigated on how he has the ability to pay RM6 million cash for renovating his palace?
    It's all sandiwara and he'll never go to jail as long as BN is around.
    BN must go!

    PS Does the Police and MACC realise that the money Toyo stole also belongs to them?

  3. I had been shovelling the earth onto UMNO's grave since I started voting in the 80's. Hopefully the final shovel will be this coming 13th general election as I am so tired already.

  4. "We wonder again how Mahathir could get it so wrong! By what criteria did Mahathir decide..."

    You mean the others were any better? They represent a gallery of eminent rogues, each one outstanding in his own way: racial terrorism, cash smuggling, misappropriation of public asssets, religious extremism, philandering. Are the othher states any better? Do we need to go into details?

    There will be no improvement until we stop kissing the hands of our servants and start critisising openly.

  5. Someone should hand back that broom to him. He deserves a "Bapa corruption" title.