Monday, 20 June 2011

cakap cakap...the IGP again?

KUALA LUMPUR: The Royal Malaysian Police is now making it a point to station good-looking, smart and personable police officers at all frontline positions to present a more friendly and accessible image to the public.
Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar told the New Sunday Times that he wanted his men to present a personable and smart image to the public.

"We want the public to feel our friendliness, so it isn’t just about placing those with good-looking faces or having a nice body out there. It is about mannerisms and personality, too. They must be good-natured," he said.

However, he was cautious to commit that this "new policy" was for every frontline position in the country.

"Of course, we can’t do it for every (frontline) position, everywhere, that
is impossible. But we hope to do our best as we feel this is what the public wants. Of course, not all can, or must, be good-looking, but it is a plus factor."

steadyaku47 comment:

Every day we are confronted by irrefutable evidence that those who manage our country's affairs are morons, mentally challenged or lacking in common sense! How can this Inspector General Of Police of ours announced that the Royal Malaysian Police will now make a point to station good-looking, smart and personable police officers in front line positions to present a more friendly and accessible image to the public. Off the top of my head does that mean that he is disqualifying himself as the "FACE" for PDRM? Aisehman by any criteria known to man you cannot put this IGP amongst the "good-looking faces" ...can you? Can you imagine the repercussions this will have on the other government departments? Who will be the "good-looking face" for the AG's office? Certainly not the AG! And what about PERKASA? Where can you hide Ibrahim Ali?...and I am not going to go into MCA, MIC or UMNO. I am not going there but you can...and have a good laugh while doing so!

How does this IGP propose to identify the "good-looking faces" of PDRM? Does he think that having "good -looking face" in the Balai will draw in the public to go and have a look see and maybe chat up these "good-looking faces." Are husbands and wives in PDRM to start worrying about the keenness of their spouses to go to work each day? Not to earn their daily bread and do their duty to bangsa, negara dan King but more because there are "good-looking faces" around the balai? How soon do you think before PDRM becomes "THE PLACE" to go even if you have nothing to report except for the fact that want to "bond" with these "good-looking faces." Better to go the the Police Station then to Starbucks ...cheaper too!

Dear GOD why did you not make this IGP a little bit smarter?

Mr IGP what we want you to do first is to stop your officers from treating the public as their own personal piggy bank! When your officers needs money to pay their children's school fees -they go look for the public to fleece. When they want new clothes for Hari Raya - they go look for the public to contribute. When they want to buy new dresses for their second wives or girlfriends-again the public have to donate towards the costs. Stop this corruption and you will not have to worry about putting "good-looking faces" in front line positions.

Stop your officers from whacking suspects under your custody and you will see an immediate "friendliness" in the manner the Rakyat will now behave towards PDRM.
And here is a better thing you should really try and do. Stop murdering suspects under your custody and you really will not have to worry about "PDRM's Image" in as far as the Malaysian public is concern.

You see Tan Sri my father was in the police many many years ago when Tun Haniff was the IGP. His worry then was to ensure that his officers did their duty to King and Country by treating the Public with decency, courtesy and respect. The uniform the mata mata then wore was respected by the public because they did their job well and without fear or favor. And if there were any talk about corruption then it was not because these mata mata were taking money from the public for their daily needs but it was because the Police were doing their job in catching those who tried to bribe them!

Mr IGP stop and think again. These cosmetics makeover of PDRM will not do anything to improve your tarnished image as a corrupt Police force doing the bidding of your political masters without regard for your duty of care towards the Rakyat. Do the simple things first. Stop corruption within PDRM. Stop doing the bidding of your political masters to harass the Rakyat and those in the opposition and in time your image will improve. And I know that your proposal to have PDRM's front line represented by "good-looking faces" is doom to failure because you do not have that many "good-looking faces" in PDRM now... and recruiting and training new ones will simply take too then the 13th general election will be over and the new government will probably want some one "more presentable" then you. How does it feel now Mr IGP?