Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wild elephants in deadly rampage

Two wild elephants have killed a man and injured other people on a three-hour rampage in southern India.
New Delhi Television news channel aired footage showing the body of a man at the feet of one of the animals, being repeatedly gored, in the city of Mysore in Karnataka state.
See video below
Press Trust of India later reported one elephant was trapped inside a farm and the other was tranquilized.
A 55-year-old security guard was left bloodied on the steps of a college. The footage also shows one of the elephants angrily kicking a cow.
"The two elephants entered our city and started stomping over everything that came in their way," a witness said.
"One of them even entered a market place and crushed a man to death within minutes."
Schools and colleges were forced to close after the elephants took the highway into Mysore's centre.
Forestry department officials said the animals had travelled from the Tirumakudalu Narsipur forest range with two other elephants who remained on the outskirts of town.
The elephants were captured but 300 police officers had to be deployed after crowds started to gather once the most violent calf was tranquilised. People had been throwing stones at the elephants as they tore through the streets.
Hundreds of people die in India annually when wild animals wander into cities as their habitats shrink and they have to range farther for food. Its parks face massive encroachment from people who live and forage in the forests or graze cattle there.