Monday, 20 June 2011

State of the I see it.

We are now witnessing the very public suicide of UMNO and Barisan Nasional - not the taking down of DSAI. And certainly not of Pakatan Rakyat!

Let me explain....late last year I watched the antics of PKR and DSAI and thought that if UMNO gave them enough rope, they would have hung themselves by early 2011. If anything could go wrong with a political party election it did with PKR. And it all came to a head with the inglorious flight of Zaid Ibrahim away from PKR.

What else could go wrong for DSAI?

Well bloggers started turning against him in droves and vented their dissatisfaction and anger at DSAI on their blogs and anywhere on the electronic media that would hear their tales. I watched all this unfold from afar and asked myself if Najib will give DSAI enough rope?

No Najib did not have the wisdom to do so. Instead he went in for the kill - or so he thought! He rev ed up Sodomy 2 a notch and then went for broke with the three stooges and their Carcosa tapes! I guess he does not understand what "overkill" means!

Overkill is the use of excessive force or action that goes further than is necessary to achieve its goal, most commonly in acts of violence.

We saw the result of the Cold War between the USSR and America - where each had much much more nuclear arsenal than was necessary to kill the other many times over. Both were running neck to neck as the only two super powers in the world...and the USSR  blinked! Russia was so preoccupied with winning the race that it forgot to take care of the people they were governing - in the end the USA is still a super power - but the only super power around today. The USSR is kaput!

The same with Najib and UMNO. There are so focused on getting rid of DSAI in order to retain power that they are unable to comprehend the costs of doing it to themselves. After PKR party's election last year there was no need to pursue DSAi with sodomy 2 or the Carcosa tapes. But they went for the overkill and now they are getting themselves butchered!

This week Najib welcomed Mugabe to the Langkawi International Dialogue. Imagine having one of the worlds reviled despotic leader of a tin pot alley African country be the guest of honour at a so called international forum in our country! Are we that bankrupt of reputable world leaders that we need to scrap the bottom of the barrel and go look for Mugabe?

Rosmah on her own was able to grab first place in this fight between DSAI and Najib - observe that it is a fight between DSAI and Najib and Rosmah grabs first place in terms of being able to hold our attention longest! You simply cannot put this good spoiler away until she has done terminal damage to her husband and the government he leads! Just as I though the attention would once again be thrust upon DSAI along came Rosmah with her Hermes handbag, air brushed portraits and official trips abroad by this self proclaimed First Lady. But as in all these situation this Rosmah is oblivious to harm she does - she is too full of herself to notice!

Then Najibs decision to allow Perkasa and Mahathir to act as UMNO's proxy in its losing fight to promote Ketuanan Melayu will be a decision that will surely come back to haunt Najib in the lead up to the 13th general election. And he compounds this by trying to use Perkasa to neutralize BERSIH 2.0 - an exercise in futility because again Najib sees it fit to hide behind Perkasa rather then do the right thing for the Rakyat of Malaysia.

What about the "wedding" trip to Kazakhstan and his daughter's grand engagement? Najib's nightmares continues! How he is unable to forsee the adverse effects these extravagance will have on the Rakyat does brings into question his ability to be in touch with the people he is Prime Minister of!

Are Najib and UMNO amateurs? Pakatan Rakyat, and especially DSAI, must be rubbing their hands in glee. Unable to believe the ease with which UMNO was able to present themselves as the sacrificial lamb at the altar of Malaysian Politics. And so these last few months have seen the rise and rise of Pakatan Rakyat and DSAI - quiet like the rise of the Phoenix.

But enough of this banter. The 13th general election cometh and the time has come for Pakatan Rakyat to take the initiative. There is one thing Pakatan Rakyat must understand and understand well. Stop running down Barisan Nasional because the people within Barisan Nasional are quiet capable of doing it themselves. With people like Mahathir, Najib, Muhyiddin, Nazri, Chua Soil Lek and Samy Velu helping out Pakatan Rakyat is on to a winner here. The one thing that Pakatan Rakyat needs to understand is this : Barisan Nasional is not casting their voters - the Rakyat is the one with the votes to cast. So focus on the Rakyat NOW! Tell us again why we need to vote for Pakatan Rakyat and not Barisan Nasional. Tell us what you will do when you are elected and we will hold you to your promises of open and fair government. Remember this and Pakatan Rakyat will form government with the coming of the 13th general election - so help me GOD!