Friday, 10 June 2011

I feel Good : We are ready!

I am beginning to have that déjà feeling again. That same feeling I had in the last general election only this time I can feel it coming very strongly even before the general election is upon us. In the last general election, if truth be told, there was a quiet confidence that maybe....just maybe...Barisan Nasional will lose a few more seats than they normally do. Let us not talk about winning States...far from it! We would all be grateful if we had been able to make a few dents here and there in Barisan Nasional armour. Who believed DSAI? Lim Kit Siang or Karpal? We knew Kelantan will not be taken from PAS. Everything else was not even in the laps of the Gods. It was all in Barisan Nasional laps....there was none amongst us that would dare to think otherwise.
And then the results started to come through...and nothing...and I mean nothing...not even the taking of Selangor or Penang could have matched our joy when Sungai Siput was declared Samy Vely FREE!

Unofficial: BN denied two-thirds majority – 2.22am

According to unofficial tally, the opposition has apparently denied the ruling Barisan Nasional its crucial two-thirds majority by winning up to 79 seats so far. To deny the government two-thirds majority, the opposition must win 75 seats. On the other hand, BN has won about 130 seats. There are still a dozen more seats to be decided.
  • PKR victorious in Kuantan - 2.22am

    Former PKR Wanita chief Fuziah Salleh has won in Kuantan beating MCA incumbent Fu Ah Kiow.
  • Umno leaders in emergency meeting - 2.25am

    The mood is grim at the Umno headquarters as the shock results of the today’s polls become apparent. The Putra World Trade Centre which houses the Umno headquarters is unusually quiet with party leaders trickling in slowly. No statements have been made to reporters gathered at the venue as they remain locked in deep discussions upstairs.

  • And we marvelled at the restrain of our people. No processions lauding their slaughter of Barisan Nasional, no claims of “I told you so!” and definitely no attempts to ridicule Barisan Nasional – for we would not want to give UMNO the opportunity to do a May13th on us again. This time around our leaders told us all to go home quietly and do nothing to inflame the already humbled and humiliated Barisan Nasional.  But we knew that our Malaysia will never be the same again!

    Since then there have been a lot of water under the bridge. We lost Perak. Say what you want but the plain fact is: We lost Perak! It has been a sobering steep learning curve for all of us – especially our leaders in Pakatan Rakyat. A baptism of fire at times that required a bunkering down by Pakatan Rakyat in order to survive the relentless onslaught by Barisan Nasional to try and break through our defences. Humbly I can now report that our defences have not been breached.
    Tok Guru and Hadi are there in Kelantan ready for whatever is to come when UMNO begins to understand that PAS will not join UMNO no matter what is on offer to PAS, to their leaders or to Kelantan! The Lion of Jelutong aka Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng are already anointed as the successor to MCA in as far as the Chinese are concerned –a reality that Chua Soi Lek is desperately coming to terms with by trying to make MCA relevant to the Chinese at a time when the Chinese has already told MCA “ENOUGH!” DSAI was born ready and what he has so far weathered for Pakatan Rakyat is more then what any of us can ask him to do. He has done it and he waits for more of the same to be thrown at him by UMNO.
    Kit Siang has put it all into perspective!UMNO is on its last leg! And don’t we know it! Just look around us and all we can see is the beginning of the end for UMNO. Do not judge our Prime Minister by the Police Escorts that ferry him to and fro with UTK out riders and siren blaring away between Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur as he goes about doing his work to prop UMNO and Barisan Nasional up. What you see is only a cloak he wears to distance himself from us all. Do not judge Barisan Nasional by the way they govern us now – using all trappings of power and government to steal and plunder from us – for what they have taken for themselves really still belong to us, to our Nation. Do not think that the Barisan Nasional Ministers who from time to time make lofty pronouncements that what they do is for our people and our country are confident that they can even hold on to their seat of power in their Kawasan! Times are a changing.
    I think at the beginning of June I felt the tide turned. UMNO is now sinking ship. The arrogance and swagger of Muhyiddin has begun to look more ala Mussolini then McArthur! Mahathir, by the grace of GOD has been unwell and unable to captain Muhyiddin tilt at the windmill as Najib staggers under the burden of Altantuya and the continuing avalanche of ill conceived and suicidal political sandiwaras...the “wedding trip” to Kazakhstan being the latest.

    UMNO has lost touch with the Malays. The Malays who, out of necessity, had evolved their very culture and racial structure to be one with the non-Malays. And while the Malays evolved UMNO has not.....and they now play a desperate game of “catch-up” with a race they call their own. Well may UMNO call the Malay race as their own but the Malays no longer call UMNO as their own anymore.
    If you have your heart beating in sync with other Malaysian: If you have your heart in the right place: and if you can make your heart one with many others in our country: You will know that what we had quietly hoped to happen in the 12th general election now seems to beat firmly and with fervour in our hearts today. We know that the tide has turned against UMNO, against Barisan Nasional. Ibrahim Ali has cried “WOLF” once too often. Taib Mahmud has taken just that one ringgit more than we are prepared to give him many many years ago – but now when he flaunts it in our face, we will tell him enough! The President of MCA, MIC and UMNO – the big three – all have their backs against the wall. Not figuratively but literally. How does Najib explain his latest “wedding” trip to Kazakhstan? That he can even think that he is able to explain himself to us surely damms him to be oblivious to the realities of what the public will and will not accept of their Prime Minister. Altantuya was our tipping point. Everything now goes downhill for Najib.
    For the Malays that are still on board UMNO – I say get off the train wreck! How many of the upper echelons within UMNO will do a “Razak Baginda” and hide their shame London? Only a handful of them can contemplate doing a “Razak Baginda”. But even if we allow one of them to do so it will still be one too many.
    Enough said. We are moving towards a momentous period of our nation’s history. Change is here. What we must now do is to not allow Barisan Nasional to take back what has taken us over 50 years to achieve: Take back what is rightfully ours. Our country, our life and our future. You are one. With me we are two. Who will join us?