Friday, 24 June 2011

Whatever BN do - my mind is set!


PETALING JAYA, June 24 — PKR’s Datuk Johari Abdul today maintained that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was not the man in the infamous "Datuk T" sex video, saying that there are "1,000 possibilities" as to the identity of the individual featured in the recording.
UMNO...your back is against the wall!

steadyaku47 comment:

Is this the same USA that told us that there were weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq? The same USA that some Malaysian had to pay money to just so Mahathir could meet with their President? The same USA that was responsible for the killing of innocents in Vietnam (Mai Lai) in Afghanistan and in everywhere country that they have fought to supposedly free the people of that country from the tyranny of terrorism?
Speaking for myself I have already made up my mind many years ago that I want that political party call UMNO to be call to account for plundering the wealth of our country in the name of Ketuanan Melayu! Did I not as a Malay had more than my fair share of the nation's wealth? Yes I did! Did I not as Bumiputra secured tenders and projects because of my "know who" rather then my "know how?" Yes I did. Did I not because of the corruption that I then willingly took part in, received unfair advantage over other Malays and non Malays contractors? You bet I did!

And why do I now denounce they very UMNO that made it possible for us Malays to have all these advantages in commerce? Why must I now turn on the very hand that fed me in the past? Why have I become so ungrateful for what this UMNO has done for us Malays?
Let me tell you why! Just as I was able to secure tenders because of my "know who" rather then my "know how" - there is always somebody who knows more "who" them me! How can I compete against the likes of a YB's cousin, a brother to a Minister and what more the son of the Prime Minister?

Just as I was willing to pay money to secure tenders and projects there is always someone else willing to pay more then me because they know the system better then me and are able to "load" on the increase in "kautim money" onto to the total cost of the tender or project by some "variation order" or "add on" that will still allow them to make a healthy profit.

The system that I so enthusiastically embrace when I started to do "business" with the government eventually swallowed me whole! Costing of any projects was not a technical issue anymore - of course there was the basic costs of the project - once that was established then the "add ons" started.How much does the consultant wants? How much for JKR? - From the technicians all the way up to Samy Velu! What about the political secretary to the Minister in charge? And of course the Minister himself...and then they began to talk cock! What about UMNO, what about MCA (if the project is under the Ministry of Transport. MIC if it was under JKR...and if the project is big enough...what about the Prime Minister? Do all these leeches really get their share of the loot? I do not really know - but just look at how rich these leeches. How rich Samy Velu is. How rich these ex cabinet ministers are. The KSU's. The ex political secretaries....I rest my case.

Time and time again I saw that the cream of these projects where millions if not billions are to made will go to the usual suspects. Mahathir's and Daim's cronies. The same Chinese towkays. The same Malay insiders. And as each and every projects are "fatten up" to accommodate these greedy cronies we started seeing the mega projects starting to fail. Fail because these projects became a source of much wealth to UMNO and Barisan Nasional. Failed because the priority was how to bleed more wealth from these projects not complete them. Failed because it was simply easier to abandon the project because everybody (including the main contractor!) have already made their money even before the site has been cleared for construction work...hell the money started to roll in for these UMNO and Barisan Nasional politicians from the time these projects were given a "Title or Project name". They start selling the project "atas angin."

I saw all this right from the first small contract I got from MINDEF for the supply of water tanks....small water tanks on two wheels. I got the contract to supply 22 of these tanks and right from my first visit to MINDEF to be told that I was awarded the contract I already had to "award" the officer in charge his part of the "contract."

When I was an Insurance Broker entertaining clients to secure accounts from multi national companies was par for the course. We had a joint venture company with a London based insurance broker and when our multi national clients went to London for what ever reason - we had to take care of their accommodations in London as a matter of "courtesy to these clients of ours!

I cannot in all honesty remember a single sizable contract that we had secured, whether in trading, construction of electrical that did not require us to grease the palm of those that decided our fate either in the award of the project or the payments for work done. These damm bastards had our balls in their hands and when they squeezed we did what they wanted us to do - whether it was money, women or whatever that tickled their fancy.

I did all this and more during my time of doing business in KL. I can excuse myself for saying that I had to do what I had to do to survive but if truth be told what it did to me was to show me how the other half lived....and what I as their running dog had to do to keep them happy. Even then I looked upon them with contempt because I was exposed to so many insidious aspect of business that had nothing to do with how a business should be run. Nothing to do with teaching a bumiputra how to be a good business man. I failed as a businessman and so did many many Malays. We failed because we did not make enough money to survive the leeches that keep asking us for more and more money if we wanted more tenders and more projects.

Do you wonder why I now have had my fill of these UMNO and Barisan Nasional politicians? No they did not give me projects - we gave them money. Plenty of it! Billions of ringgits have been skimmed of the top of all these projects and contracts - from the class D to the Mega mega projects. From those contract awarded to cut the grass for DBKL to the IPP contracts given to the cronies of Mahathir! Each and everyone of the projects awarded by EPU have cost our country much much more then what it was really worth. And now all these billion wasted have come back to haunt us and more telling, to haunt UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

Now all that UMNO and Barisan Nasional knows is to fight the opposition with money. Everything they do costs money. Everything they do NOT want to do too cost money! They buy over the MP's to take over Perak and then pay them more to make sure they do NOT talk! Only money will move the sahabats within UMNO to fight for UMNO. Money will persuade the Chinese within MCA to elect a President who has got his image plastered globally in a sex video! Those people that have elected this Soil Lek must really have no sense of responsibility or decency towards the Chinese people by forcing upon them a President such as this Soil Lek.

So UMNO bring on as many Carcosa tapes that you might still have in your vaults about DSAI. Get your MACC to go find all those sardines within Pakatan Rakyat that you said have taken thousands of ringgits from the Rakyat.Go and instruct PDRM to hassle the opposition politicians with your bloody ISA - but understand this : With the Internet we will know in real time anybody incarcerated under the ISA. We will know in real time any one tortured under the ISA. And what I think is more frightening for UMNO and Barisan Nasional is this: You have within the innermost confines of your ranks many people who are sympathetic of our cause -the fight for and open and transparent government. These people will tell us what you are doing that is wrong for the Rakyat. These people will leak documents and whatever is required to show the deceit and lies that UMNO and Barisan Nasional have perpetrated onto its own people. These "sleeper" within UMNO and Barisan Nasional will wake up when we need them. So be afraid. Be very afraid!

So believe this Najib. We cannot see what else you can come up with that will shake our resolve to vote against Barisan Nasional. We cannot see how you will personally survive the "Altantuya factor" once Muhyiddin decides that he wants to be Prime MInister! You know this, we know this and the people know this! I know you will not simply lie down and go into the foetal position waiting for your exit because Rosmah will not allow you to do so - but has anyone told Rosmah that she is part of the problem and not part of the solution? Anyway you look at it Najib the end for you is near...and then we will chase BN out of Parliament at the 13th general elections. MERDEKA.