Saturday, 18 June 2011

ROSMAH an IMELDA wannabe?

"I was born ostentatious. They will list my name in the dictionary someday. They will use 'Imeldific' to mean ostentatious extravagance".
Imelda Marcos
It would seem that we now have our own Imelda Marcos? Yes I am talking about the Imelda Marcos of the 2700 pair of shoes she left behind in Malacanang Palace when she and her Marcos fled Manila. Why should this be a source or wonderment to anybody? Why indeed when it should really be disgust that one must feel when confronted by this extravagance. You ask yourself the same question when you hear of a person that has ten cars? You ask yourself the question "WHY?" Why ten cars when you can only use one a any one time? You also question the need of individuals like Tajuddin Ali, Amin Shah and Razak Baginda to embezzled hundreds of millions if not billions of ringgits of the Rakyat's money when what they would really need to feed themselves and keep themselves in comfort, luxury even, would be a fraction of what they have stolen from their own country - our country!
If you had at first pondered these realities in wonder I am sure this wonder will quickly turn to disgust : something akin to our reaction when confronted with the stealing of billions through PKFZ by those entrusted to manage the nation's assets.Yes we are disgusted with the extravagance of Imelda Marcos and now we have an Imelda in our midst?

How do you explain this? Our King and Queen, the Sultan of Pahang and his consort, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and his consort and a smattering of other royalties, diplomats and what have you...all for an engagement? If this was the engagement how grand will the wedding be? Get Obama and wife to come? After all even the Royal Wedding of Prince WIlliam and Miss Catherine Middleton was not graced by the Obama's! Would it be presumptuous or me to presume that our Raba Raba Ambassador aka JJ in Washington is already laying out the dollars to get Obama to agree to an official visit to Malaysia at the same time as the wedding of Rosmah's daughter? Though of course Obama will have to time his visit to coincide with the wedding - or wold it be the other way around...the wedding to coincide with Obama's visit? Knowing the "pull" and "cables" Rosmah has with our PM I think if anybody has to accommodate the other, it will certainly not be Rosmah!
Why? Why this necessity for this "grand gesture". Hermes handbag! Air brushed images! Batik Fashion shows in Monaco? Foreign trips abroad to represent our country - invited or not! Making comments over earthquakes and the tsunami tragedy in Japan! First Lady of Malaysia?

Consider all this and then you tell me if we already have our own Imelda Marcos or at least the beginning of one. But more pertinent is the question: "WHY?"

Why must she do all this when it is Najib who is our Prime Minister not Rosmah? Why must Rosmah even consider herself "almost the First Lady" of Malaysia when we already have our Queen! Why must she represent Malaysia overseas when she does not hold any executive position within the Malaysian government. Being the wife of our Prime Minister means exactly that : You are his wife! No I am not a male chauvinist pig that looks down on the female species - here we are talking about what are the duties of the wife of the Prime Minister of our country.

It is her duty to show the people of Malaysia some decorum and a lot of common sense in the way she conducts herself. I am no prude and if you want to air kiss or kiss anyone on the cheeks or where the sun don't shine - you can do so if you are not the wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. If you are the wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia then you are expected to behave like a good Muslim wife because as your husband is very fond of saying : Islam is the Official Religion of Malaysia! Just because nobody in your entourage - which, by the way includes your husband - is brave enough to tell you what you should and should not do in public then I guess the pubic....I mean the public, will have to tell you! And I am one of the public.

Rosmah having a grand engagement when your husband is talking about rationalising subsidies is not the right thing to do. It is enough that you and your family took advantage of an official trip to Kazakhstan to do a "personal" errand -now you want to compound this with a grand engagement? Huh! You stupid women. That grand engagement might have done wonders for your ego but it would have costs UMNO and Barisan Nasional a hell of a lot of brownies point - which basically means when Najib is no longer President of UMNO and Prime Minister of Malaysia - you would have contributed to his political demise quiet extravagantly. And for that we the Rakyat thank you!