Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tun Husseins genes skipped one generation! Din is an Idiot!



Bersih supporters nabbed for waging war against King

June 26, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, June 26 — The police said today they are probing an alleged attempt by some Bersih activists to revive communism, and are investigating 30 Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) members, including Sungai Siput MP Dr Michael Jayakumar for “waging war against the Yang DiPertuan Agong.” 
Deputy Penang police chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar was quoted by Astro Awani as saying today that remand orders would be applied for to detain the 30 activists under Section 122 of the Penal Code.

steadyaku47  comment

I have been too lazy to write anything these last two days. No excuses...just plain lazy. I have not had a look at any of the local papers or anything on the net - that is until a few minutes ago when I had this comment from one of our friends on something I had just posted:

Anonymous said...Well, the 30 guys now charged with "waging war against the Agong" sure could use some great entertainment to relieve their 'shell-shocked' souls. What has this country come to?

And I went straight to my preferred news source "Malaysian Insider" and saw their posting above. As I read that piece a very deep anger started to surge through me. Just when you think that they cannot top the Carcosa Tapes this Din guy, on Najib's and UMNO's instruction of course, tells us that they are investigating 30 PSM members etc for waging war against the Agong!

You son of a bitch Din and you idiotic Najib why the bloody hell do you need to drag the Agong into your dirty insidious plots? There is simply nobody around - and I mean not only in Malaysia but in the whole wide world that would have the slightest inclination to wage war against the Agong! They will be people who will want to wage war against Barisan Nasional, against UMNO and even against Rosmah - but the Agong? Do you really think you will be able to convince the Agong to start wearing bullet proof vest just in case a sniper tries to take him out? What about building a bunker in the grounds of his Palace (at least some of your cronies can make a few million ringgit there!). 

Will there be a dawn to dusk curfew announced so that you can go and nip this "war thing" in the bud before they nip you in your backside? And of course all those suspected of doing this must be communist. And in Malaysia only the Chinese can be communist. So round up the Chinese before they have a chance to start this war with the Agong? 

Najib and Din please think....this is the year 2011. There might be some communist around in Malaysia - for all I know they might have already penetrated into UMNO, BN and where ever you want them to be. But to accuse the communist of wanting to wage war against the Agong is making a lot of Malaysian....and I mean a hell of a lot of Malaysian...start shaking their head in disbelief at the sheer stupidity of this latest UMNO/BN caper! Come on lah Din did you just found out that Chairman Mao is really alive and well and is now living either in Penang, Kedah, Selangor or Kelantan? And you are going all out to expose these four states for harbouring Chairman Mao? And while you are looking for Chairman Mao go look for Chou En Lai too...he is too smart to be left alone to plot UMNO's and BN downfall! But do not bother to look for Deng Xiaopeng because by all accounts he is dead!

We Malaysians do accept that BN and UMNO are pretty amateurish in all their plotting and attempts to implicate the opposition and any one that they think are against them. We have suffered in silence at the ridiculous manner you have tried to blame the opposition for any and everything! Nothing seems to be BN or UMNO's doing! ISA arrests are because those arrested are a national threat. The Police go whack Malaysian citizens because they too are a threat to the nations security. Liong Sik, Lingam, Razak Baginda, JJ, Thamby Chik and every other dirty crook that have evolved from UMNO's doings are not prosecuted to the full extent of the law because "they must not be denied due process blah blah blah". But when it comes to your attempts to stop BERSIH 2.0 nothing is sacred. You drag down the name of the Agong to excuse your efforts in investigating these 30 PSM members. 

I can only say this. Can the Agong, just this once, stand up and speak for himself? Or better still let me ask him myself. Tuanku do you believe this Din and Najib when he tells you that these 30 PSM members wants to wage war on you? Wage war when you have the Army, the Navy and the RMAF protecting you? Wage war with you Tuanku when PDRM is sworn to protect you? And do not forget the UTK!!!

And against all the might of the Defence Force - and we hope that the Submarines can be deployed if thought necessary to defend the Agong( at least if not to selam at least to float on the surface!) - these 30 PSM members wants to wage war against the Agong?

Din these 30 PSM members - whoever they are - are not as stupid as you. If you tells us that Singapore is thinking of waging war against the Agong the people might go...Hmmmmmm maybe. If you have said that Indonesia has declared July 2011 as "ganjang Agong" month...again we might go ...Hmmmmm. But if you are that stupid to say that 30 PSM members are going to wage war on the Agong then I only have this to say...and I say this without any disrespect to your late Father and Grandfather -Tun Hussein and Dato Onn.

This is the only excuse Din has...and I do want you all to take this seriously. It is a scientific fact that even if your father is a genius or a great has been known that a father's good genes sometimes skip one or two generations. So for Dato Onn his good genes has already been passed on to Tun Hussein. But Tun Hussein's good genes seems to have skipped a generation with you - because you are indeed an idiot of the highest order. 

Ditto for Najib!              


Anonymous said...


You missed one important factor that is common to these two morons. Their mothers are sisters. It is not their father good genes did not pass down to them. It is just their mothers bad genes overcame their fathers. Maybe as you said, it is exacerbated by their fathers good genes skipping a generation.