Sunday, 27 March 2016

60 Minutes : Dirty Secrets.

Behind the barbed wire at Villawood Detention Centre is the man who could answer the key question – who ordered the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu? ‪#‎60Mins‬

I just finished watching 60 minutes - the Australian current affairs program - that aired at 7 PM tonight with a segment on Malaysia titled "DIRTY SECRETS". 

It tells about intrigue and corruption at the highest echelon of government that leads all the way to the Prime Minister...and that Razak Baginda and Najib Razak received large bribes from the French company on the purchse of the Scorpene Submarines. 

It mentioned that Malaysian Government Bodyguards executed Altantuya, trapped C4 explosives to her body and blew her up into the surrounding jungle because she wanted her part of the promised commission due to her and that if she did not get her commission, she thretened to tell what "dirty secrets" she knew of that Scporpene Submarine deal.

We are all familiar with the details of the case and I will not bore you by going over it again.  

What was of interest was an interview they had with Mahathir. 60 minutes showed Mahathir the SMS exchanged between Sirul and the "Special Branch" officers  and others from KL. In the SMS it was mentioned that "they" were looking at buying a house for Sirul's use in Sydney. There was also a request from Sirul for money - I think about Aud 2 million...and I also saw a mention of his mother's house having been repaired in Taiping. 

What was interesting was that Tun Mahathir said he had spoken to Sirul on the phone....and Tun said he will do what he can to assist Sirul to get Asylum in Australia. He was prepared to do so because Tun beleived that if Sirul is safe in Australai he will tell the trtuth about who instructed him to murder Altantuya.

The tone of "Dirty Secrets" simply states the obvious. Corruption and intrigue at the highest level of government is rampant in Malaysia and the prime minister is the chief culprit. 

I shall post the rrelevant vidoe as soon as it is avaliable.  


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