Saturday, 19 March 2016

cakap cakap....too many Men & Women of low principles and lesser morals.

The Katak underneath the tempurung is a contented katak! The Katak's world may be dark and devoid of any of nature's rejuvenating life-giving properties...but that Katak knows no better....until hunger and thirst enter's it's needs, then if left to it's own devices, what awaits that Katak is it's own demise

We mortals, on the other hand, will not be content with what is the Katak's lot. Not even for those few blissful moments when the silence and darkness of the tempurang might have given the Katak some respite from the outside world, where to many others, the Katak is a food source.  

We mortals want more. 

We want to be able to make a life for our nearest and dearest to the best of our abilities. We want the right to dissent when what we are faced with things that are not to our liking, and there are times when our sense of good or bad, right or wrong may differ from others - and when they do, we want the right to differ....and by the same token, expect, that if others choose to disagree with us, it is okay for them to do so. We will disagree with each other together! 

Some called that common sense, some call it civil rights, some insists that that is what democracy is all it what you will, but increasingly right thinking men and women expect that to be the guiding principles of the life they lead. To each his/her own - within reasons.   

In Malaysia that is no longer possible. Not because the Rakyat have been kept under the tempurung but because our leaders chose to live under that tempurung. We have blinkered leaders with eyes that do not see and ears that no longer hear what more listen to the voices of those around them that says "ENOUGH!". 

The beakdown of law and order is happening at a pace that challenges even the most ardent supporters of Umno from within Umno!

 No one exemplifies this more that it's member number one - Tun Dr Mahatir and Umno's Deputy President, Tan Sri Mahyuddin - who are leading the movement to change Umno for the better, but, the realities of an ingrained culture within Umno that rewards loyalty to elected leaders has meant that the movement for change from within Umno has yet to gain much traction.

The Rakyat have yet to be blessed with a leader that can cut through all the divides - racial, religious and political....though they now exists leaders who by choice or by circumstances, are confined to the narrow paradigm of politics, race and religion.       

Essentially there is now a stalemate.

An Umno led BN government that wants it's political longevity to continue well into the future, but undertsands that it will not happen if the electorates are left to their own devices. 

And the rakyat who are not yet confident that the Umno led BN government can be removed through the electoral process.  

All that these two factions have to lead them for now are flawed Malay individuals - Najib, Zahid, Mahathir, Mahyuddin and Anwar Ibrahim - and if you insist, Hadi in PAS. And all these leaders are way past their "use by" date,

Our future lies with the young - the next generation of leaders....and more importantly, it lies with not only with the Malays but with all Malaysians! 

Do give this some thought on this Saturday morning. 


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