Saturday, 26 March 2016



The ruling political party and her components seem to be entrenched in energy-sapping warfare with the opposition. Within the all-powerful coalition, serious cracks had exposed the vulnerability of unchecked dissidents among their ranks. This exercise in political warfare has put the welfare and stability of the Nation in total disarray. Former kingmakers who once commanded absolute obedience are now fighting a rearguard action, having been stripped of their influence and monetary war chests. They are now the toothless has-been, faced with their inevitable extinction. Among their ranks, there are also those who sensed and read the futility of engaging in a “winner takes all” scenario. The country may go to the dogs, but so long as power is still in hand, there is still much to plunder. For those who had crossed the line and join in solidarity with the opposition, the die had been cast. But in politics, nothing should be taken for granted. Banished today; Running into open and welcoming arms tomorrow. But there are also the pitfalls of justice when the time frame for redemption has expired. At that instance, each has to answer when faced with the end game. Suharto, Marcos, Sukarno, Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, all were deemed untouchables. But they were mere human beings when stripped of their trappings of power. Radovan Karadzic held the fate of life and death in his hands but in the end, justice prevails. So there is much to be optimistic for. Malaysia still has very capable leaders, now latent but waiting to catch the torch at any given time.

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