Sunday, 20 March 2016

cakap cakap: Najib needs some "relief".

Remember Gaddafi...and his "My People Love Me!". Was it not his people that loved him who hunted him down, push a bayonet up his arse and then inflicted upon Gadaffi a slow and lingering death as he breath his last in the back of a lorry?

What is this need that Najib has of wanting people to tell him that he is loved and respected? Is he feeling unloved and unrespected? Why is he feeling so?

Let me tell you about me and my wife. My wife has dementia and she can no longer talk or do much for herself - so I and my son do everything for her. We do it because we love her and that is how we show our love for her. She cannot talk how does she show her love back to us? By squeezing our hand whenever we reach out to hold hers. No words need to be demonstration of love or respect needed...just a slight sqeeze of the hand ...and we all feel loved and respected.

I would say that Najib's need for people to display their love, affection and respect for him is because he has not been able to find love, affection and respect at home.......from Rosmah.  
Rosmah  knows Najib too well and knowing him too well fills her with disgust and contempt for him....but Najib is her ticket to a good life and much riches. So she puts up with him but has him on a very very tight leash! Rosmah has Najib's balls in her grasps...and you know that when you grasp a man's balls in your hands....his heart and mind will follow your every whims and fancies.

Najib is a very frustrated man...emotionally and sexually. 

He has been a randy bastard from the time he started work in Petronas. Even then, despite his hectic sex life, there were times when he just could not be bothered with the chase and simply paid for sex.

Today he is the most powerful man in Malaysia. Well-dressed, articulate, urbane and carries himself well. All the trappings of power and more. Given his rampant sexual escapades before and after marrying Rosmah (until she put a stop to it) how do you think Najib must be coping with Rosmah keeping him on that tight leash?

Even that "kipiidap" guy is doing better than Najib!

Aisehman....where is Najib to hide his face?   

Hence his need for all this "I Love my PM," "I respect my PM" and pledges of support...but Najib knows that all these slogans chanting and yelling are empty and hollow .....but it is better than nothing....but I do have a suggestion.

I suggest he takes the above photo of  Rosmah whenever he goes for a shower and do what every other teenager of our era used to do with photos of Briggite Bardot or Ursula Andress when we went for our shower......nudge nudge, wink wink.....then maybe he will feel a bit less stressful after getting some "hand relief". Camna Najib? 


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