Monday, 14 March 2016

cakap cakap....what I dislike about social media!

This is what I dislike about Social Media!  They take liberties with stories ....they never do enough research and then they post what they have in haste. I do wish that whoever did the above work will take the trouble in the future to do the necessary so that the Malaysian public are properly informed and kept apprised (this is a new word I just thought of....hope you guys are impressed with my knowledge of the English language!) of developments re our leaders.

As a public service I stayed up most of last night doing research on supporters of Najib Razak and was able to provide the following additional information about them - work that should have been done by the perpetrator of the above incomplete profile of our most esteemed and beloved leader!

Additional Information on supporters of Najib Razak:

  • A paedophiles from Melaka who now heads RISDA
  • A convicted corrupt Umno politician now heading FELDA.
  • A fornicator who became a CJ.
  • An MP with non-halal kidney from China.
  • Tengku dari Acheh - pejuang Bangsa dan Islam (NOT!).
  • A minister from Johor whom the Johor Sultan refused to salam with.
  • A minister who can cook fried rice (same guy as above ma!)
  • Someone who like Hermes bags (who is an old bag herself!). 
  • Kangkung sellers whose business have boomed because of Najib.
  • A Javanese who might have to sell Tempeh if things go belly up.
  • Ketua Bahagians who always close one eye and shut the other.
  • A minister good at waving things (preferably a Keris) in the air. 
This is not, by any means, a complete list. It is all I can do for now given the little time and much less resources, at my disposal. 

And now I must go and have my breakfast.  


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