Sunday, 20 March 2016

suarakami: Jamal@Tongkol. Perempuan! Perempuan! Perempuan! Anak bini entah ka mana!

steadyaku47 comment: For those of you who question the relevance of digging into the personal lives of people to get "ammunition" to fire broadside against the corrupt and arroganct Umno....I only have this to say....ptui! Umno went past that "border" a long time ago. It us now open warfare and anything goes....anything! 

Pesta Jamal@Tongkol penuh SEKSI....Mana budaya Melayu....Lihat Foto-foto ni..

Jamal Yunos mengadakan pesta penuh seksi. Bolehlah duit songlap banyak...


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