Monday, 21 March 2016

Leon Leow : "wretched country"...rotting away....

In response to a posting I did in September 2014 " China see the eventual return of Overseas Chinese to China as their final objective".   I received this comment from Leon Leow:
Wat are you scared of, we the Malaysian Chinese will look for better life else where,many of Malaysian Chinese already left, since the Malay prefer bangla,indo and rohinya as your neighbour, Malaysia is beyond save as the Malay given crutches and too dependable on government, eventually Chinese will leave and in 50 years you can have Malaysia with those most lame friends that you yearn for,wat will happen to this wretched country is not our concern,you can rot with it
steadyaku47 comment: 

If you can put aside the anger, contempt and disgust that Leon Leow seems to be labouring under, you can perhaps begin to see, in that comment by Leon, most of the problems that our nation is now facing. 
  • The Chinese wanting a better life and will eventually leave.
  • Malays given crutches and too dependable on government.
  • The presence of too many Bangla, Indo and Rohinya.
  • Is Malaysia beyond saving?
Too many Chinese and other Malaysian (including me) have already left Malaysia and many more will leave, simply because a better life awaits them elsewhere. 
And after we leave  "wat will happen to this wretched country is not our concern, you can rot with it" ....may be the thinking of most Malaysian that have left for greener pastures abroad.....but not all of us think that we should leave Malaysia to "rot". 
For the same reason that I am concern that Donald Trump might end up as President of the US of A or that ISIS might one day achieve their dream of world domination....I, and so should Leon and others, be concern about what is happening now in Malaysia. 
And what is happening in Malaysia now, as Leon aptly puts it, is a "wretched country."..that is rotting away". This should be the concern of all Malaysians  - the Malays included - because we know that after all those who wants to leave Malaysia for better life elsewhere have left, we all, at least want those who are left in Malaysia, to be left with a Malaysia that is fit for our other Malaysians to live in.....for, where ever we are, are we not still of the human race?  Are we not responsible for each others lot?

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