Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Another despicable Malaysian....who happens to be a Malay!

Another despicable Malaysian...who happens to be a Malay and a member of Umno. 

So now he adopts a Chinese boy....for what purpose? 

To make that Chinese boy into a Malay...into a that he can crow to the powers that be and anyone else who will listen to his sandiwara, that he has again "contributed" to Islam and to Ketuanan Melayu by this...this ....."good" deed?

And of course it is, so he says, an "inspiration from ALLAH" tacky and convinient to link what he does for political gain to Islam and to ALLAH....and surely this deed will get him into syurga and all that goes with it....NOT!

How soon before we see that Chinese boy in a red shirt being paraded in another Red Shirt rally to adavance his personal agenda of getting another project or another hand out from his political masters : UMNO? 


Truly a despicable Malaysian!

The leader of the Red Shirts group denies this is a political stunt and says the adoption of

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