Monday, 28 March 2016

cakap cakap....STATE OF FEAR : Four Corners.

What can I say about that ABC Program 'STATE OF FEAR?" first thought was of Toh Puan Rahah...if she could watch it...if "they" would allow her to watch must she had felt as a the wife of Najib's must she had felt to see her own son being spoken of as a common criminal by a reputable current affairs program from Australia? Would she have been emberass that the good name of her husband and the Family has been besmirch by the greed and arrogance of her eldest son who is now regarded, by many, as being just a common criminal?

Is Najib not a common criminal if he has massive unexplained wealth in his personal bank account?

Is Najib not a common criminal if he is linked to intrigues, scams and robbing the country to line up his own pockets ....and even linked to murders (not one murder but to murders!).

Is Najib not a criminal when he does away with law enforcement agencies to "neutralize" his presumed enemies and simply resort to threats, intimidation and physical assault to silence those who oppose him?  

Is he not a criminal when these intrigues and scams have caused at least four nations to begin investigation into his criminal wrong doings?

And this crimnal is our prime minister! 

And to Toh Puan Rahah and the Tun Razak Family...he is family...he is one of them!

 Mana nak letak muka?

I know, that like so many of us, Najib too watched the program, if not live, then at the first opportunity he could. 

Will suing Four Corners be the first announecemnt he makes tonorrow morning? Or has he learned his lesson with WSJ and just make don't know aja? Not even an elegant silence...just pretend nothing "STATE OF FEAR"....nothing...just business as usual : i.e. continue robbing the public blind! 

Damm if he sues and damm if he don't......but this much we now know. Move aside Marcos, move aside Suharto....hell, move aside Jean-Bedel Bokassa, Emperor of The Central African comes Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone), Mohd Najib Abdul Razak who earns RM130,000.00 a month  and yet has billions in his personal account! 

Go watch "STATE OF FEAR" on the link I provided in my previous posting, and like me, you too will simply be blown away at the audacity of this Najib Razak to not only rob Malaysians out of billions of ringgits from the nation's coffers...but marvel too at his audacity in insisitng that he will remain as the duly elected head of government because he has still not finshed his term of office! Ptui!  


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