Sunday, 13 March 2016

Tak layak jadi menteri..jual tempeh bolihlah.

Ahmad Zahid said employers who wanted to hire foreign workers should recruit from among foreign employees already in the country, including those whose permits had expired.
  • Faith Lyl But Mou signed already to take in workers! Can you back out from that? Or your ban is only temporary, till after Swak elections?
    Kuhen Kanagarajah Funny...first he gives all sort of reasons to justify intake of 1.5 m workers( including his daughter) on top of that ranting of other ministers who supported the move... and now suddenly turn of 360 degrees..and say not taking... best part Bangladeshi government has said the deal is on and no such nonsense. ...these people are spin doctors and clowns. ..ofcourse we Rakyat are stupid to belive this tale
    Roger Allagan Everything is well planned... This is said now for a reason. So that on coming months and years, when the country's economy slumps further and many more projects go bust and abandoned ,they will simply tell this is the reason.
    Aziz Mustapha What you want to do, you do..lah., import banglese, nepalese, vietnamese, africanese and now sri langkanese.. We disagree also you wont listen... even if we say listen, listen, listen
    an Lian Chon This is the type of minister our country is having, this month said 1 thing next month change the whole thing, how to trust them. The worst thing is he is the DPM
    Steven Lee Wayang kulit la....after serawak election sure will continue. Else how his Bro can earn agent fee
    Sultan Rashid Hari hari tukar policy.Macam orang tukar seluar dalam.Tak layak jadi menteri..jual tempeh bolihlah.
    Mohamed Amin Tar Mohamed You have lied all this while and now you expect the Rakyat to believe you ?
    Noor Azlina See...this is an example why people should get a good education.
    Wei Song David Brain system not stable
    Chan Keng Hock Everyday new policy! Really susah!

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