Thursday, 24 March 2016

Altantuya, 1MDB, that RM2.6 billion donation, Najib Razak & corruption in Malaysia is now a Global Phenomena (in the worst possible way!)

Next week on Four Corners, Linton Besser's investigation into the scandal engulfing Malaysia's Prime Minister. Here Linton explains how he and cameraman Louie Eroglu were arrested, after questioning the PM about the large volume of money found in his account.

steadyaku47 comment : It is one thing to have PDRM, the Judiciary and other Malaysian Authorities watching your back for you, but when the World begins to take an interest in what you do as Prime minister of Malaysia...then you have a problem. 

Australia now has Sirul,  Altantuya's convicted murderer, detained in Villawood in Sydney for entering Australia on false pretences. Increasingly the Australian public are become better informed as to the circumstances surrounding Altantuya's murder and the links that Razak Baginda had to Najib Razak.

In recent time's the toxic corruption culture of Malaysian politics has entered the consciousness of the Australian public.

One was the contract to print polymer Bank Notes at two Reserve Bank Australia firms : Securency and Note Printing Australia. Malaysia ignored a formal mutual assistance request from the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department to hand over sensitive information about the financial dealings of a group of Malaysian middlemen embroiled in Australia's most important bribery case. Senior officials in Canberra are aware of intelligence that implicates people in the offices of both Mr Najib and his predecessor, Abdullah Badawi, in allegedly improper dealings involving two Australian Reserve Bank firms over contracts to print polymer bank notes.

The other is the concern that corrupt Malaysian money is inflating property prices in Melbourne over the purchse of a building by MARA at a very inflated price to facilitate the pocketing of a substantial "commission" by MARA officials:
Jun 23, 2015 - Corrupt Malaysia money distorts Melbourne market ... Even in Melbourne's booming property market, the $22.5 million price tag for a building designed like an ... behind the purchase of around $80 million in Australian properties. ... But MARA's decision to buy Dudley House through a subsidiary, MARA Inc ..

The amounts of money involved in these two instances may be small change when compared to that RM2.6 billion donation that went into Najib's personal account and the billions siphoned out of 1MDB. 
But in Australia the Australian Speaker, Bronwyn Bishop, had to resigned for misusing taxpayer's money for an extravagant travel costs of AUD$3,650 to charter a helicopter for an 80km trip to a golf course to attend a fundraiser for the ruling Liberal Party, rather than drive the 90-minute route.
Bronwyn Bishop speaker of Asutralia's House of Representative
And the Premier of New South Wales resigned over a $3000 bottle of wine gift.

Barry O'Farrell resigns as NSW Premier

Any attempt by the Australian government to do a "back door" deal with Malaysia on the return or Sirul to Malaysia or to allow him unconditional stay  in Australia would be the kiss of death to the incumbent government and it's prime minister.  Australi has had five changes of Prime Ministers in as many years and a change in government is entirely in the hands of the Australian Public.

This Four Corners program and another current affairs program, "60 Minutes" (to be aired this Sunday featuring an interview with Tun Dr Mahathir and Suaram) will inform the Australian public about the endemic corruption ingrained into Umno politics.  

Once informed, the Australin public and the MSM media in Australia will ensure that the Australian government will do the right thing by the Australian people. 


It would NOT be in the interest of the Australian public to release SIrul unconditionally into the Australian community until Sirul is able to convince the public that he murdered Altantuya because he was instructed to do so. How he will do so is for Sirul to decide.

I will attempt to post both the Four Corners and Sixty Minutes program on to this blog as soon as I can do so. 



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