Sunday, 13 March 2016

Ramesh Rao : A despicable man preying on the misfortunes and misery of others.

In this World that we live in, profiting from the misfortune and misery of others is the way some people make a living. Let us leave out doctors who do make a living out of those who have the misfortune of falling ill. Leave out teachers who make a living out of trying to make ignorant kids better. And Mechanics who charge for any repairs they do to your car when it breaks down. Undertakers.....well border line..... but they do provide a service we need.    

What I find reprehensible are those who "help" people with misfortune and by that "help" makes their suffering even worse. You exploit their suffering for personal gain. This is unethical.

In the Malaysia that we have today, we have been witness to gutless, greedy, opportunistic people trying their level best to make money for themselves out of the misfortune of others. And with hands on their hearts they tell us that they are doing so for King, country, race and sometimes even religion.....when the only agenda they are pushing are their own!

The three Datuks, of which that pedophile Rahim Thambi Chik was one, is one example. Yesterday Ramesh Rao is another...pushing Bala's widow into a press conference that was beyond her abilities to handle

For what purpose?

I do not wish to comment further than to just say this....leave that widow of Bala alone. She tells us she needs RM20,000 for the education of her children. Well I have news for her....they are people in Malaysia who are not able to even feed their children...what more send them to school.

And after that first press conference that went wrong for her, another one was arranged to "rectify" the situation. 


For what purpose?

Another pay day for this Ramesh Rao who is known bankrupt? Truly a despicable man preying on the misfortunes and misery of others.


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