Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Sirul : A Malay Corporal exonerating the prime minister of Malaysia of murder? Really?

The Malaysian Courts (bless them!) have exonerated Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone Mohd Najib Abdul Razak,(merangkap perdana menteri Malaysia) of the murder of that Mongolian women, Altantuya Shaariibuuglin. Anyone questioning the court's decision could be committing contempt of court! Is the Malaysian Courts not to be trusted? Are Malaysian Judges crooked? What need is there for anyone else to exonerate our prime minister of this heinous crime.

And yet someone has thought it necessary to go to Australia to make a video of this Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar (who have already been convicted, acquitted and then convicted again of the murder of Altanatuya) exonerating Najib Abdul Razak of the murder of Altantuya! 

A Malay Corporal exonerating the prime minister of Malaysia of murder?  

This Corporal has embarrass our Courts, our Judges and embarrass the highest office in the land, that of the prime minister of Malaysia if he thinks that his words carried more weight than the courts to enable him to exonerate OUR prime minister of any blame for the murder of Altantuya! Huh! 

I call upon our prime minister to immediately make a public announcement to distance himself from such a crass attempt by this Corporal to drag the prime minister's name into his sordid attempt to bring attention to himself!  Corporal, Prime Minister. Prime Minister, can do. Whoever was instrumental in putting that video into the public domain has forever mencemarkan nama baik perdana menteri kita! The PMO should come out with a announcement to put matters right...there is no need for a Corporal to come to the defence of the PM in this Altantuya's murder!

In his video Sirul also threatened to name five names that had attempted to "persuade" him to implicate PM Najib in the murder of Altantuya.  I commend Zahid Hamidi, aka DPM, aka the prime minister-designate, aka the Rumah Minister, who has pledged to  probe these five people! 

Careful where you probe Zahid....we don't want a Sodomy Three that Najib can use against you should he decides, sometime in the near future, that you no longer "respects and love him"  and decides to dismiss you as he dismissed Mahyuddin. And if there is a sodomy 3 that Shafee Laweyr would have to go looking into another anus for evidence again as he did with the first one belonging to Saiful....all in a days work for a Lawyer working for Umno. Look into an anus get a bonus!

We are waiting for the results of these investigations. 

Who are the five? Has any of them been called in to be interrogated? They should be detained for trying to implicate our PM in Altanuya's murder. Are they all Malaysian or are some foreign nationals involved? If they are any foreigners involved then Malaysia's sovereignty have been compromised. And G to G negotiations  should begin now in order to bring these foreign nationals to Malaysia for them to face  the Malaysian courts!

Now we know that Sirul has indicated that he wanted Aud17million to NOT TO IMPLICATE our prime minister! Now how much did these five offered Sirul TO IMPLICATE  the PM? Common sense tells us that it must be more or else how to start any meaningful negotiations  with Sirul....they must be pretty powerful and wealthy individuals to be able to do must be Chinese ma! 

Why Chinese? Where got Malay prepared to pay so much to implicate the very PM who has been Umno's president? Is not Umno a Malay party? So must be got racial undertones here....maybe DAP involve also! And if DAP involve then their most ardent ally - Anwar Ibrahim - must also be involve! So please Zahid - do your duty and find out who these five are and name them asap! We are fact we have been waiting for sometime since you announced your intention to investigate these five nasty individuals who dares to think that they can implicate our prime minister in a murder most foul. How long more do we have to wait?

And if Zahid Hamidi is too slow in doing so, then Sirul should name them! 

Or is there no "five people" for Sirul to name? Was it all part of Sirul's devious scheme (under instructions from who knows whom!) to up his bargaining ante in the negotiating for that Aud 17 million for keeping his mouth shut and not implicate our prime minister in that crime? 

I think our prime minister and his advisers should take note of this. Maybe Sirul is a serial liar trying to negotiate for the Aud 17 million and he will say what ever needs to be said to "earn" that money.

Sirul should understand that it will be the Australian Migration laws that will decide his future and not the Malaysian UMNO laws.
Sirul hopes soon to be released into the Australian community unconditionally to enjoy his AUD 17 million. Maybe a phone call from prime minister Najib to Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull might unlock the Villawood lock. Maybe......

We wait with a great deal of excitement to know who these 5 people are, otherwise you would have to add one more feather to Sirul's blood soaked cap....that he is also a liar.

Looks like Sirul has taken the bait of the AUD 17 million for not implicating Najib Razak in Altantuya's murder instead of demanding more than AUD 17 million from the five people who are trying to implicate Najib Razak.
PI Bala was shunted and exiled to India with a  promise of few million; Deepak got a few million to remain silent and not release Black rose,; Selvi got 20,000 to exonerate Rosmah, it follows Sirul, you will get your AUD 17 million to exonerate Najib!

Not bad for a Kampong boy who do murders for a living! 


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