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For Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar...Altantuya is just a "cheap prostitute" He has no remorse...only a sense of a job well done.

All that has to be said about the Altantuya's murder has been said and put into the public domain for anyone to peruse, discuss, debate and dissect at their own leisure. As in matters of this nature the information, data and details on offer will be a mixture of facts and fictions, innuendos and conjectures, truth and lies and spin. Until history, in the fullness of time, is able to tell us the truth and nothing but the truth, we are condemned to speculate and agitate for the truth ...or should I say speculate and agitate for the truth that WE want!

Sirul is a Kampong boy who, through his work detail as bodyguard to VVIP's was given the opportunity to be in the company of bigwigs, political elites and very senior government and military officials and officers. He relished his good fortune to do so. For Sirul Umno is the be all and end all of all things Malaysians and his loyalty to Umno is total. 

As a UTK operatives, Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar was at the lower echelons of the organization - his rank is above that of a constable and below a Sergeant. In the murder of Altantantuya his involvement is as a lower rank oprative obeying the orders of his senior, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri. No more, No less. His training as a UTK operstives would require for him to do the bidding of his immediate superior. For him, he was doing his duty and work that he was trained to do so - and what made is easier for him was that it was made known to him that Altantuya is just a "cheap prostitute". Those who instigated the murder are left scot free and even well rewarded. Ask Musa Safri  : He knows about this as he was the senior police officer who gave the order to terminate the woman with police issued weapons.

Sirul was complicit in her murder and the blowing up of her body and that was the extent of his involvement in the crime. A soldier following orders to kill the enemy would never be held accountable for murder. Sirul too thought himself in the same boat so much so that until today, he has never expressed remorse for his part in the murder of altantuya.

For doing his duty he was put on trial for murder, convicted in 2009 and then had his conviction overturned in 2013 and set free. 

While the prosecution appealed there was no travel restrictions on Sirul. He spent a few weeks in Thailand to see if he could disappear and lie low against the infamy that was dodging him as a result of the murder. It was not to be and soon he returned to Malaysia and met with the sister of his ex-wife and her husband , who were living in Brisbane and soon left with them for Brisbane and entered Australia on a Visitors Visa for three months without informing Australian immigration that he had been convicted of Altantuya's murder - this is an offence under Australian Immigration law.

On the day before his visitor visa expired, he went to get a renewal and Australian immigration authorites detained him   - not because he was convicted of Altantuyas murder in Malaysia - but because of breach of Australian immigration laws.

Soon after being detained he applied for a protection visa that, if approved by the Australian government, could allow him to be released into the Australian community and get on to make a life for himself in Australia. His son soon also enytered Asutralai on a 3 months visitor's visa and subsequently stayed here and is also applying for a protetction visa to enable him to be with his father.

Sirul's daughter is still in Malaysia and there is no way that the Australi immigration will allow her to enter Australia because they know that she will also do what her father and brother had already done to stay in Australia. Also in Malaysia, is Sirul's mother.

Since Sirul's detention at Villawood in Sydney he is free  to meet with any number of friends and family that he wants - but any other visitors will have to be first vetted by Immigration and ASIO ( Australian Security Intelligence Organization) and only then if approved, Sirul will make the final decision to see them or not.

He has in his use a mobile phone and he has access to a common computer. 

Thre have been many people he has met from Malaysia and Australia and what transpired in these visits and meeting will be for another day for me to elaborate. The upcoming 60 Minnutes and Four Corners (leading Australian current affairs program) to be aired in a couple of weeks or so , will make a few more things clear. And after that program is aired then we can go into what they expose in more details.

What I want to dwell upon now are the two options open to Sirul.

Frist option is to stay in Australia. To do so he has first to convince the Australian Public and the Minister (in that order!) that he is not a criminal. That the murder of Altantuya, even if he was complicit in it, was simply him doing what he was order to do by his superior and being with UTK, he had no choice but to follow orders. Maybe he was informd that Altantuya is a threat to national security, maybe he was informed that Altantuya was a "cheap prostitute" out to do no good to some all probability, he would never have heard of, nor knew who Razak Baginda

All that sirul did was to follow orders. 

To convince the Australian people and the Minister of Immigration of this, he would have to state what happened  and his involvement in the murder of Altantuya. Then and only then will his application of "Protection Visa" be considered favorably. Americk Sidhu has written explicitly on this requirement in a recent article.  

At one time all Sirul wanted to do was to stay in Australia  -hence the appication for a protection visa -but now that "want" is a question maek.

Option two is to return to Malaysia. To return to Malaysia Sirul has to look at the following:

1.  Will his conviction be overturned or in lieu of that, will he get a pardon.

2.  Whether he stay in Australia or return to Malaysia - financial considerations is paramount. Cash is king to quote our PM. So how much will he get for keeping quiet in Malaysia or Australia!

Cash is already being made avaliable to Sirul and his son  And even if whether the AUD$17 million he asked for  was to be agreed to - there is the matter of how it was going to be dosbursed. In trenches and through whom etc - all worrisome details......but no paper trial should be left to link any payments made to Sirul back to Najib.

Sirul in his video exonerated Najib , an uncalled for commendation from a convicted murderer. More strange, is his discovery that Altantuya was not pregnant. Clinical in his pronouncement but not a word of remorse or sympathy for the surviving members of the deceased. This is  the nature of cold blooded killers whose conscience has been expunged from yearsof police training

And so that is the dilema that Sirul is now in. 

He is sly bastartd out to take care of his own interets - and who would blame him...but the intricacies of a deal this complex with Aud17 million involved is probably beyond his abilities to comprehend. 

So what we have to day at Villawood Detnention Center in Sydeny where Sirul is being detained  is a stalemate.

If this is not resolved to Sirul's satisfactions soon he will reach a breaking point and then no one will know what Sirul will do. 

Where all this is heading will depend on how Sirul's Malaysian Lawyers, the Special Branch officers and Datuk Ganesan (the person in Sydney appointed by Sirul's Malaysian Lawyers  as Sirul's handler) handle Sirul.

For now it looks that he is inclined to go back to Malaysia for he has been isolated from everybody  else bar those who want him to return to Malaysia.

Now if I was Sirul ..I would want to stay unconditionally in Australia, have my mother and  my two children join me and also have that Aud 17 million in my bank account to do as I like. 

Now that $64000 question is this: Can my Lawyers in KL be able to Kautim this for me?

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